Electronic Arts is working on a difficulty system that adapts to the player

This week a patent registered by Electronic Arts in which a series of systems designed so that the difficulty of a video game adapts to the abilities and needs of the user with very specific and practically imperceptible changes are detailed. The patent had been registered in October 2020 and was made public at the … Read more

An astronaut showed how the heart adapts in space (and the images are scary)

This week, the magazine Circulation de la American Heart Association published a study showing findings suggesting that long-term weightlessness alters the structure of the heart, provoking shrinkage and atrophy. The same could be observed in Kelly, who lived in the absence of gravity aboard the International Space Station from March 27, 2015 to March 1, … Read more

The majestic Colón Theater in Argentina adapts to the pandemic and reopens its doors with a tribute to Astor Piazzolla | Video

Posted at 21:55 ET (01:55 GMT) Wednesday, March 24, 2021 Playing 5:35 Posted at 17:34 ET (21:34 GMT) Friday, March 26, 2021 0:49 Posted at 08:40 ET (12:40 GMT) Friday, March 26, 2021 0:47 Posted at 11:42 AM ET (3:42 PM GMT) Wednesday, March 24, 2021 4:34 Posted at 08:48 ET (12:48 GMT) Wednesday, March … Read more

Max Jadot (CEO of BNP Paribas Fortis): “The customer always adapts”

Fewer agencies and distributors, more digital. Max Jadot, CEO of BNP Paribas Fortis says it: covid has accelerated the transformation of his bank. When the low rates, they still push the economy: expect a hike in fees. interview Aagencies, distributors, digital banking, bank charges: the pandemic “did not cause anything”, according to Max Jadot, who … Read more

Less brain matter because of coffee – “The body adapts to consumption”

Starbucks and Nestlé are among the largest coffee suppliers in the world – and have been working together since 2018. Photo: Keystone Ms. Reichert, many people think that coffee affects sleep. In the study you co-authored, the subjects slept equally well – whether they took caffeine or a placebo. So is an evening espresso not … Read more

COMFORT AREA⟩ Scientist: coronavirus adapts to our self-isolation – Latvia – News

The British variant of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of the disease Covid-19, will also be dominant in Latvia. Kaspars Tārs, Director of Studies and Leading Researcher of the Latvian Center for Biomedical Studies and Research, announced this in an interview with the program “Comfort Zone”. The new strain of coronavirus, according to Tara, … Read more

Blizzard adapts to the situation: BlizzCon 2021 will be digital

Video game The developer will celebrate its 30th anniversary with this convention With its digital format, its reach is expected to be greater. Foto: Blizzard Entertainment. Aeven though confinement by Covid-19 continues around the world, some companies have seen this as an opportunity to reach a wider audience. Under this idea, Blizzard Entertainment has announced … Read more

Sony Pictures Television Adapts Megan Rapinoe’s ‘One Life’ for Television – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: A life, the memories of the World Cup winner Megan Rapinoe, is set to be adapted as a scripted television series after Sony Pictures Television Option of rights. Rapinoe, considered one of the best soccer players of her generation, helped the United States win the World Cup in 2015 and 2019. The Hollywood studio … Read more