Barcelona adapts the mandate roadmap to Covid-19

Barcelona is not the same as it was in February, before the coronavirus health crisis began. The economic outlook was diluted due to the effects of Covid-19, the economy was paralyzed, GDP has fallen and unemployment has increased. And in this context, the municipal government has been forced to adapt its plans for the mandate … Read more

[Especial] TV adapts to survive

Transmission of the image at a distance by Hertzian waves is the definition of television in the dictionary, but, beyond that, television has been recognized by the United Nations (UN) as an important tool for orientation, channeling and mobilization of public opinion. For the global organization, television remains the largest source of video consumption, despite … Read more

Bruno Bichir; the theater is your need

MEXICO CITY. For Bruno Bichir, doing theater in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, with sanitary measures in between and time restrictions, as well as the 30 percent capacity, among other conditions, is both “necessity and foolishness” for those who engaged in such art. The actor, who is part of the works Villa Olímpica, via … Read more

This is the first rollable television in the world that adapts to video formats and the home space

Folding and rolling screens are gaining prominence in the world of technology, especially in the mobile telephony sector, however, LG has been setting the pace for this technology applied to its televisions for some time and this is the latest version of a rollable television . On October 20, the brand announced its new launch … Read more

the health insurance covid brigade adapts to the rise in contamination

Multiplication of Covid-19 cases and how to break the chains of contamination? With the famous trytique, “Tester / Tracer / Isoler”, the Primary Health Insurance Fund is responsible for identifying and contacting positive people and their contact cases. But, faced with the sudden increase in positive cases, the CPAM has just reviewed its so-called “tracing” … Read more

Coronavirus in Belgium: this drug dealer adapts to confinement and sells cannabis on social networks

It was a consequence of the first confinement: drug trafficking had fallen in our country. Since then, the dealers have adapted. Some are now selling via social networks. A puzzle for the police officers who must identify the salespeople who are hiding behind their screens, but without pushing them to crime themselves. On social media, … Read more

The Chelsea bootie reinvents itself and adapts to fashion with the chunky sole

Photo: @miriamdelbosque Instagram. Boots are the winter footwear par excellence and within the countless models that exist, Chelsea boots are the most famous. They are a wardrobe staple, that footwear that can never be missing because it combines with everything and gets you out of any trouble. This year, how could it be otherwise, the … Read more

the library closes its doors and adapts its loans

Following the announcement of the confinement, the municipal library team had to close the doors of the premises. Also the manager and volunteer correspondent, Christine Romeyer, informs that users can now connect to digital media libraries. “Loans are extended until December 15 and late notices are suspended. No reimbursement of late documents will be requested … Read more

The Tívoli cinema in Burjassot adapts its sessions to the new time restrictions including morning sessions

The recent declaration of the second state of alarm in Spain and the new night time restrictions, in force since last weekend, force the remodeling of different schedules that have to do with leisure and culture that citizens habitually consume, especially in Weekend. In Burjassot, the new situation has generated time changes in the cinematographic … Read more