“‘The Glory’ drug addict Sara?…“Heera Kim, the Justice group who studies a lot of characters”” – The Herald Economy

‘The Glory’ drug addict artist IsaraWhen I was in school, I dreamed of becoming an artist.‘Bad and… ‘, twice as a drug addict From musicals, plays, and TV, all over the placeIf you know it, he was a musical actor for 15 years.“I am an actor who puts acting into dancing and singing.Academics who do a … Read more

Santanchè: “Assigning the beaches to private individuals now full of drug addicts and waste” – Economy

“I prefer not to talk about powers that are not mine, Minister Musumeci has them: I have always been brought up for conflict of interest, I hoped that the skills were important”. The Minister of Tourism, Daniela Santanchè, with a reference to her entrepreneurial experience thus replies, from the stage of the Confesercenti assembly, to … Read more

Shouldn’t have invited him: Christian*, shopping addict

The addiction to compulsive shopping is a disease that affects 1.1% of the population. A suffering every year, at the time of Black Friday, for the people who suffer from it. As is the case with Christian * who confided in Raphael’s microphone. A poignant interview with a man addicted to compulsive shopping: *assumed first … Read more

Disney’s most popular child star died as a drug addict and was buried in a mass grave

In March 1968, two boys came across a dead body while playing in an abandoned condominium in New York’s East Village, awaiting demolition: medical experts determined that the unknown man was a heroin addict and had died of heart failure. However, they had no idea that the anonymous body, which was buried in a mass … Read more

Zelensky is an addict, the old woman claimed. Glory to Ukraine, the Khersons replied

Along with Mariupol, Kherson in southern Ukraine is the only major city conquered and occupied by the Russians in Ukraine. List The News has teamed up with a young woman – let’s call her Oksana – who lives in Kherson and was willing to share her impressions with a diary. However, she also plans to … Read more

How Sherlock Holmes Became the Greatest Cocaine Addict of the 19th Century

Sherlock Holmes is the most famous cocaine user of the 19th century. So why did he choose to use cocaine, let’s see: the second of the sherlock holmes novels, published in 1980 sign of fouris . In this novel, the famous detective pulls a syringe out of his leather bag, rolls up his sleeve, and … Read more

Danielle hampers suggestions to change terms ‘alcoholic’ and ‘drug addict’: only fines are missing

Leader of the Addicted Community, priest Kęstutis Dvareckas In the question “Question of the Day”, the extent to which these terms are offensive depends very much on the speaker. “We sometimes use those terms in our community, but if members of the community know that we are saying this with respect for the person who … Read more

Zemfira could not prove that she was not a drug addict

December 9, 2021 12:45 PM Evgeny Grishkovets will not pay for his words. At the beginning of the year, Zemfira unexpectedly rolled out a new album “Borderline”, but not everyone liked it. Writer Yevgeny Grishkovets spoke about the singer’s work unflattering. “When a person allows himself everything, when he decides the question, they say, I … Read more

Rath was attacked by a drug addict in prison, the judge said

The former CSSD politician, who served half of his seven-year sentence for corruption, is still in prison. The applicant lodged a complaint and the decision is therefore not final. According to the prosecutor’s office, Rath did not show proper self-reflection. The senate of the Brno City Court, headed by Josef Tatíček, decided on the release … Read more