Blizzard addresses massive ddos problem in console Overwatch

It’s a joke 🙂 They made a joke on you! Friday 20 November 40719 Share Blizzard teams up with Microsoft to address a huge ddos problem currently happening in console Overwatch for quite a while Accounts that have suspicious activity detected are going to be on a watchlist to monitor posible felonies and report them … Read more

Education: Do elementary school students in Brandenburg have to have their own email addresses?

In the course of the digitization of schools, many parents were asked to set up e-mail addresses for their children. This should enable work with the school cloud and participation in video conferences. With most providers, however, only people aged 16 and over are allowed to have an email address.

A Novartis meeting addresses the future of oncology strategies

..Drafting.The health sector is at a time of double revolution generated by the convergence of biomedical and digital advances. In this context, Therapies targeting specific molecules are the protagonists of the future of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Specific, molecular biomarkers, targeted therapies, and immunotherapy define the future of strategies in oncology. This is what has … Read more

GRUPO20 addresses the challenges of marketing in the ‘postcovid’ world

The pandemic it is forcing the human being to adopt new social uses and adapt to them. Furthermore, in an increasingly digitized world, in which every minute more people are connected to a telephone or computer device that instantly connects them to the other part of the world. Even when because of the coronavirus that … Read more

The congress of people with cancer and their families addresses the disease in the pandemic

The congress of people with cancer and their families addresses the disease in the pandemic The Provincial Board of the Balearic Islands of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) presented yesterday at its headquarters in Palma the second edition of the Congress of People with Cancer and Relatives of the archipelago, which will be held … Read more

Bitcoin Core will accept the new Tor network addresses

Bitcoin Core will support, from its next update, the V3 addresses of the Tor network, which offer stronger and improved cryptography. These addresses will be the new standard when Tor no longer supports version 2 as of October 15, 2021. Regardless, Bitcoin Core version 0.21 will be available long before that deadline. Probably by December … Read more

Record in the creation of new Bitcoin addresses after China promotes cryptocurrencies

China could be behind the big increase in new Bitcoin addresses (BTC) as authorities launch a “targeted marketing campaign” in favor of cryptocurrencies. In a series the tweets October 5, the market analyst Cole Garner highlighted a two-year record surge in new BTC addresses last week. Using data from the chain monitoring resource Glassnode, Garner … Read more

Small Bitcoin addresses drop to a 4-month low, but is this bearish?

The number of Bitcoin addresses (BTC) with at least 1 BTC plunged to a four-month low on September 20, based on data from Glassnode. But it is premature to suggest which is a bearish sign for the market leading cryptocurrency. What caused the number of small Bitcoin addresses to drop dramatically? The remarkable decline of … Read more

Van de Beek addresses Ajax fans: ‘Boys, keep that title here, huh’

Donny van de Beek speaks the supporters of Ajax at the Johan Cruijff Arena. They have been waiting for him to be able to say goodbye to him properly, he is going to Manchester United. Van de Beek receives the praise, but does ask something back: “Hey boys, keep that title here, huh ?!”, says … Read more

Van der Sar addresses Manchester United fans: ‘Take good care of our Donny’ | Football

Dear Manchester United fans. I hope you are doing well ”, Van der Sar begins his letter. The goalkeeper himself was under contract with the English superpower from 2005 to 2011 and helped the club to the final victory in the Champions League in 2008. “It seems that our roads are crossing again. One of … Read more