Immigration Adds Handwriting, Investigate Passports Without Signature Forms

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Directorate General Immigration request that all Heads of Immigration Offices accommodate the request for the signature of the holder passport without the signature field is over German refused a new Indonesian passport. Acting Directorate General of Immigration Amran Aris conveyed that the request had been stated in a letter addressed to … Read more

MSCI adds shares of KBANK, calculates index-BAM, survived not being removed, effective 31 Aug 65>> MSCI announces new stock in-out index, adding KBANK to index calculation, effective August 31, 65 on TISCO Securities. As expected, we recommend a “buy” KBANK with a target of Bt178, while BAM has a chance to buy back in the short term. After not being taken off from the calculation as the market expected, … Read more

Kylian Mbappe adds a new award to his career

Thank you for your reading and interest in the news Kylian Mbappe adds a new award to his career, and now with full details Aden – Yasmine Abdullah Al-Tohamy – Kylian Mbappe, striker of the French club Paris Saint-Germain, added a new award to his credit in his football career. And Mbabi, through the “Al-Asturi” … Read more

PS Plus lineup in August 2022 adds Yakuza and Bugsnax

screenshot: Sega Following the whistle’s relaunch in June, Sony’s PS Plus membership now offers access to an on-demand library of games (well, if you’re paying for one of the more expensive tiers). like microsoft Competing Xbox Game PassPS Plus is starting to see the regular addition of multiple games on a monthly basis – it … Read more

Mod now adds cool mode from Shadow of Mordor

The most innovative and fun part of Middle-earth: Mordor’s Treasures was probably his particularly varied Nemesis mode. Skyrim now gets this via a mod. The Nemesis system promoted enemies every time they defeated you. The feature provided hours of fun, which modder Syclonix now promises for the fifth part of The Elder Scrolls series. The … Read more

Steam Deck adds 500 new verified games since July, including Spider-Man Remastered

Steam Deck is increasingly established in the market: the PC gaming Portil de Valve not only has its production increased, which means that all reservations will arrive in 2022, but also continues to expand its catalog of available video games and is doing so at a faster rate. Today it has 1990 verified games, 500 … Read more

Valve adds Nintendo Switch Joy Cons support to Steam beta – Gaming – News

I really don’t understand the popularity of Nintendo. It seems it’s mostly in the content, but when I look on their site for the Switch, I don’t see anything that I would want to play. Everything is so cartoony. Mario, Pokemon, Zelda.. It’s not my age either because we had an NES at home since … Read more

Steam finally adds support for Nintendo Joy-Con controllers, but only via Bluetooth

After supporting Xbox and PlayStation controllers in succession, Valve finally launched on the Steam service platform earlier.Added support for Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllersand Nintendo Switch compatible controllers. In a related note, it is revealed that users can use a single Joy-Con controller on the Steam service platform, or combine two sets of Joy-Con controllers to form … Read more

Wealth Adds IDR 500 M, Peek at Haji Isam’s Business Octopus

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The oil palm plantation company owned by Haji Isam, PT Jhonlin Agro Raya Tbk (JARR) was officially listed on the stock exchange on Thursday (4/8/2022). In its debut, JARR’s share price shot up 24.67% to Rp 374/unit and touched the Upper Auto Reject (ARA). From the corporate action in the form … Read more

Today’s Latest Persebaya Surabaya Schedule – Bajul Ijo Adds Solid to the Return of the Trial Defender in Valencia | SURABAYA – The following is the updated schedule for Persebaya Surabaya today, Tuesday (3/8/2022). Green shirt fly to Jakarta soon to welcome continuation Liga 1 2022-2023. Persebaya Surabaya schedule next in Liga 1 2022-2023 the third week, which has to play away matches. This time the schedule for Persebaya Surabaya away is to face the host Bhayangkara … Read more