Inheriting the essence and creating new sounds (adhering to “two innovations” and writing epics)

Original title: Inherit the essence and create a new voice (adhere to “two innovations” to write epics) I feel more and more that it is not only the hands of the performers that pull the strings, but also the extensive and profound Chinese culture that has been accumulated for thousands of years. General Secretary Xi … Read more

Countries That Adhering to Communist Ideology, Number 1 Worldwide Influence

loading… Delegates raise their hands during the Chinese Communist Party’s voting at the Great Hall of the People, Beijing, China. Photo/REUTERS BEIJING – Communist ideology is a political, social, philosophical, and economic thought that aims to eliminate class in society. To achieve this goal, communism adopts an economic system in which the means of production … Read more

Not adhering to the singer’s career, Kong Huai Rai opens the Elena Cafe area. Helping artists who lost their jobs

Kong Huai Rai opens the area Elena Cafe Helping the singer Mo Lam lose his job, sell things, make money, reminding artists, celebrities should not take a single career. Follow the news, press follow, live news Sympathy for colleagues who lost their jobs during the Covid famous country singer Kong Huai Rai thus giving the … Read more