adjust always on screen on iPhone 14 Pro (Max)

In iOS 16.2 you can now customize the always on screen of your iPhone 14 Pro and your iPhone 14 Pro Max. This way you can adjust the screen to your liking!

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Bacon, sausage, the more you eat, the more you risk. “Colon cancer” sheds light on how to adjust a balanced diet.

“working age” It is an age that requires high protein and complete nutrition. To strengthen the body to have energy ready to fight each day But if someone does not eat all 5 food groups and likes to eatred meat” and “processed food” Very often, be careful! Because these foods will increase the risk of … Read more

Samsung to adjust smartphone shipments target for 2023, which will fall by 13%

Analysts’ estimates are not rosy for 2023, and companies know it, and it seems they have started to adjust their production and delivery targets for next year. A material from the publication Taiwan Economic Daily indicates that Samsung will cut smartphone shipments by 13% next yearamid rising inflation, supply chain issues and the current economic … Read more

YouTube turns 17 this year, will adjust the interface and bring the zoom function – Page 1 – Digital Video Forum

YouTube turns 17 this year! Just before the birthday, YouTube will also bring some interface adjustments. The dark theme will be darker, and it will also interact with the video content a little bit, and the video will be able to be further zoomed. When adjusting the progress of the video, More detailed and precise … Read more

low incomes in a pinch, government must adjust human perception

ANP NOS News•yesterday, 12:14 The minimum wage and benefits are too low to make ends meet, which is why more and more people are getting into trouble. The government must change that by being more active and social. That says the National Ombudsman. In the Netherlands, about one million people have to live on an … Read more

TU wins in the second half, outstanding performance Adjust the selling price – the baht depreciates, recommends a buy target of 19.50 baht.

DAO Securities stated in today’s analysis (30 Sept. 65) that Thai Union Group Public Company Limited or TU Profits in the second half of 2022 will improve compared to the first half. supported by an increase in selling prices The full year 2022 gross profit margin is estimated at 17.9%, compared to 17.2% in the … Read more

Wacom introduces drawing tablet with stylus that you can adjust to your will

Wacom introduces the Cintiq Pro 27. The drawing tablet must have an excellent color range and the accompanying stylus can be turned until it fits perfectly in your hand. Wacom’s latest drawing tablet measures 26.9 inches and comes with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. The refresh rate is 120 Hz so that notes or drawings … Read more

See how much you’ve received and adjust your backups. You may not have to pay now – Živě.cz

I don’t understand why the article is here, but since it’s here, I’ll write my unpopular opinion. I am completely against any money given out by the state, be it this electrical nonsense, PV subsidies or perhaps child benefits, single parent benefits, boiler subsidies etc. Instead, I would support better healthcare and add money to … Read more

After user complaints: “Apple” adjusts the shape of the new battery indicator

Apple added a battery percentage indicator with the announcement of its new operating system.iOS 16‘, which quickly received criticism, with some calling for a better index. The criticism came as a result of the lack of change The battery icon looks when it’s low, it only shows the percentage, until you run out to less … Read more