Driving school: How to hold the steering wheel, how to adjust the seat and what to see in the mirror

Honza Červenka has been teaching people to drive for a long time, in recent years he has not only devoted himself to circuit riding, but he also organizes sports-defensive driving courses in districts and also does pure defensive driving. For many years, Honza Koubek has been shooting popular videos about cars, which entertain viewers with … Read more

Actively adjust to prepare for the Olympic Games

Some competitions in the Paris Olympic Games will be adjusted in terms of project settings and rules, and some of these changes have been reflected in the competitions of the new Olympic cycle. In the face of this change, my country’s national teams in various projects are actively adjusting and actively preparing for the war. … Read more

Mancini admits Italy still needs to adjust the sharpness After losing England in the Nations League

Roberto Mancini, Italy national team coach Satisfied with the results of the game in which the team drew 0-0 with England in the UEFA Nations League on June 11, but admitted that the team still has to adjust a lot. especially offensive game Follow the news, press follow, live news Mancini – UEFA Nations League … Read more

Brits will introduce legislation on Monday that will unilaterally adjust Brexit agreements | NOW

The government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will present legislation on Monday that will unilaterally adjust the Brexit agreements. That can be read on the site of the British House of Commons. The amendment will only increase tensions between the EU and the UK. With this, the British government is laying down the rules … Read more

(Rumor) iPhone 14 Pro should adjust the screen refresh rate to support the “Always-On Display” feature.

MacRumors reveals iPhone 14 Pro This year, the refresh rate should be adjusted to a minimum of 1Hz to support the “Always-On Display” feature. The iPhone 14 Pro should adjust the screen refresh rate to support the “Always-On Display” feature. Apple puts the ProMotion 120Hz screen feature in the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro … Read more

United Kingdom wants to unilaterally adjust Brexit agreements on Northern Ireland | NOW

The United Kingdom wants to unilaterally adjust the Brexit agreements with the European Union on Northern Ireland, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced on Tuesday. In this way, London is further tightening relations with Brussels. The British and the EU have long argued over the situation in Northern Ireland, which arose after the United Kingdom’s departure … Read more

Elon Musk plans to buy Coca-Cola and adjust formula to contain cocaine again

Elon Musk Founder and CEOTesla and companySpace X recently reached an acquisition agreementTwitterUnfriendly in the amount of $44 billion, most recently on Thursday morning (Apr 28) Thai time, tweeted a message that created a sensation around the world when it said it would buy the company.Coca-Cola and addcocainewhich is the same ingredient back into again … Read more

Sony and Nintendo adjust automatic subscription renewals in UK – Gaming – News

This is another story then. At PS-plus they have different subscription types, where a year subscription differs considerably in price compared to 12x one month. You will also be billed in advance at once, which is not the case with Adobe. With a yearly subscription you will receive an invoice 12 times (paying per year … Read more

Adjust Launches New Analytics Solution Datascape

Adjust announced on the 6th that it has launched a new analytics solution, Datascape. Adjust’s Datascapes support smart, fast marketing decisions for app growth. Mobile app marketers can view all campaign-related data and context on one screen through a visualized tool. Data customization is also supported, enabling quick and efficient identification of business-critical KPIs and … Read more

The Department of Highways has fully refunded the M-FLOW fine, reminding road users from today 1 April 65 onwards, starting to adjust for real.

On April 1, 2022, Mr. Sarawut Songsiwilai, director-general of the Department of Highways, said that the Department of Highways has made progress in refunding fines to road users who do not intentionally avoid paying tolls. In which all fines have been refunded. In addition, in the past, the Department of Highways has also extended the … Read more