The world is not prepared to administer the vaccine against covid-19

Employees fill a shipping box for clinical and pharmaceutical products with dry ice at the Va-Q-Tec AG factory in Wurzburg, Germany, on November 18. (CNN) — The vaccinations require keeping cold, just look at Pfizer’s option against covid-19, which must be deep-frozen. And that will be a problem for the developing countries and for the … Read more

Massachusetts jails limit visits to administer coronavirus tests El Tiempo Latino

PRISON. Reference photo The Massachusetts Department of Corrections will limit visits to prisons for the next two weeks from this Saturday to perform coronavirus tests for both inmates and staff. According to information from NBC, the 16 installations of this type began the measure over the next 14 days. Thus, general visits will be suspended, … Read more

Japan to administer first dose of COVID-19 vaccine for free

The first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will be administered free of charge to the population in Japan, according to a regulation of the Ministry of Health that received this Friday the approval of its panel of advisers. The regulations only address the first dose of a potential vaccine, at a time when it is … Read more