Admit Losing Strategy, Miller: Oliveira Wins for Being Smart: Okezone Sports

SPIELBERG – Pramac Ducati Team racer, Jack Miller, admitted that he lost the strategy when playing the 2020 Styria MotoGP race at the end of last week. Miller also praised Miguel Oliveira’s victory in the fifth series of MotoGP this season. In the race that took place at the Red Bull Ring Circuit, Austria, it … Read more

Children’s rings have no space, principals do not want to admit them to schools

“We have gyms completely busy and even more difficult with the covid.” Sports clubs now hear this answer quite often. Many of them use the rental of a school gym. However, some directors reject them due to fears of coronavirus. “For those sports, the use of gyms is necessary, if such a measure was taken … Read more

Omsk residents should be ready for a new wave of coronavirus and flu | Latest News of Omsk and Omsk Region

Rospotrebnadzor warned about this. The chief sanitary doctor of the Omsk region, Alexander Kriga, issued a decree on measures to prevent influenza, SARS and COVID-19 in the epidemiological season of 2020–2021. Recommendations were sent to all authorities. The resolution says that the mayor of Omsk Oksana Fadina and the heads of municipal districts must resolve … Read more

Admit their actions, the police who ask for Rp. 1 million when a Japanese tourist ticket is threatened with being fired

JEMBRANA, – Police officers suspected of asking for Rp. 1 million when ticketing a motorbike rider who is a Japanese tourist are still being questioned by the Police Propam Jembrana. Jembrana Police Chief AKBP Ketut Gede Adi Wibawa said two members were questioned. Both have the ranks of Aipda and Bripka. “For now we … Read more

The co-founder of “Business Youth” announced the closure of the project :: Business :: RBC

The project, which was positioned as a way to help entrepreneurs open and develop their business, it was decided to close Peter Osipov (Photo: Vladimir Gerdo / TASS) One of the founders of the Business Youth project, Petr Osipov, announced that he decided to close it. “I am closing Business Youth. This company will no … Read more

“It’s a shame you don’t admit that”

Nagelsmann on Neymar: “Faith cost a few euros” Julian Nagelsmann is a good loser after the half-final bankruptcy against Paris Saint-Germain. The 33-year-old can’t resist a swipe about the 222 million dollar transfer fee for Neymar. 19.08.2020 On the pitch, the first Champions League semi-final between Paris Saint-Germain and RB Leipzig is a one-sided thing. … Read more

He called the Istanbul Convention “an attack on civilization”, now translates in front of “salon”. Zoll: I must admit that I was wrong

Professor Andrzej Zoll, although he warned against the Istanbul Convention a few years ago, is now humbly… explaining and justifying himself. Pressure of the “salon” too strong? READ ALSO: What does the opposition say? Professor Zoll a few years ago: The anti-violence convention is an attack on our civilization. Many countries have not ratified it … Read more

Drivers admit to suing IP for Alfa Pendular accident | CP

António Domingues, president of the Machinists’ Union (SMAQ), told the PUBLIC that he will proceed with a criminal case against the Portuguese Infrastructure (IP), if the suspicions that the company did not follow the recommendations of the GPIAAF (Cabinet) are confirmed. Prevention and Investigation of Aircraft Accidents and Railway Accidents), which could have prevented Friday’s … Read more

Efremov will not ask the court for a special procedure for considering his case :: Society :: RBC

Mikhail Efremov (Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC) Actor Mikhail Efremov, who is accused of a fatal road accident, will not ask the court for a special procedure for considering his case, since he does not admit his guilt. This was stated by Efremov’s lawyer Elman Pashayev, reports TASS. “For this we must admit guilt. We … Read more

You better not take these numbers seriously. Dušek and Prymula admit the shortcomings of the statistics

After an audit focusing on the number of currently ill patients, the statistics improved by almost 1,800 cases on Sunday. “The record of the cure is the only one that requires some retrospective control,” Dušek explained, stating that the current audit is the third since the beginning of the epidemic. “Just the previous ones were … Read more