A hair dryer like Ferguson? It was very loud, the Sparta defender admitted

Sparta footballers are one step away from the title. But the weekend victory over Bohemians did not come easily, and at halftime, Letenské krik was heard in the cabin. After the victory over Bohemians, Sparta footballers are literally one step away from the title. But Letenský worked hard for a 2:1 victory. The fighting kangaroos … Read more

He admitted that the sanctions did not break Russia: one path is very dangerous

Eurocommissioner V. Sinkevičius admitted on the DELFI TV program “Iš šeše” that the 11th EU sanctions package being prepared will not bring any fundamental changes to Russia, that it is only a way to review the already imposed sanctions.“From what else would make the big news, only Rosatom is really left, everything else would definitely … Read more

VIDEO: A blow to the ribs and the end. I fired all the bombs from my left hand, Sivak admitted

How did it rain in Havířov?VIDEO/PHOTO: RFA What will it be like in five months? Václav Sivak solved this question in the fourth round when he sent his opponent to his knees. The Czech fighter defended his title in K-1 in Havířov at RFA 10 in the weight category up to 66 kilograms. Chechen Ruslan … Read more

He loves Liberec, which miraculously ended his season. He ran over us, Zápotočný admitted

The season is over for South Bohemia. “I came to Liberec with my heart, but they did not welcome me here, they beat us 4:0. The match is very difficult for me to evaluate, because Liberec ran over us. Football is not figure skating and it is not played for beauty. Liberec was more emphatic … Read more

“Aom Sakawjai” admitted defeat, District 13, Bangkok after knowing the election results.

“Aom Sakawjai” admitted defeat, District 13, Bangkok after knowing the election results. ready to thank all the votes for choosing himself and the Pheu Thai Party On May 15, 2023, “Om-Sakawjai Poonsawat” candidate for MP, Bangkok, District 13, Bueng Kum District (except Klong Kum Subdistrict), Lat Phrao District (except Chorakhe Bua Subdistrict) from the Pheu … Read more

Roberti accuses an illness, admitted to San Timoteo

TERMOLI. The mayor of Termoli and president of the Province, Francesco Roberti, has been hospitalized since this morning at the San Timoteo hospital in Termoli, after having accused a slight illness. He is currently in the hemodynamics department and is stable. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to the mayor and center-right candidate for president … Read more

Eva Ayllón remembers with Magaly Medina the day she admitted to being the lover: “If you’re late, you have to make it beautiful” VIDEO farándula trcm | SHOWS

Despite the risks involved in facing the incisive questions of Magaly MedinaEva Ayllón decided to promote herself on her program, days before celebrating her 50-year artistic career. Seeing her on her set, “Urraca” reminded the Creole singer of the mischievous confession she made in the past, when she revealed that she was someone’s lover, and … Read more

D. Bacon admitted that he hit a teammate and made serious accusations against the club

The Athens club, which was relegated from the EuroLeague after the regular season, announced a few days ago that the striker who played most productively in the team is leaving the “green” team. Speaking in a live Instagram post, D. Bacon admitted to hitting Lefter Mantzouk during practice. According to the American, the Greek provoked … Read more

Macík thanked Beneš after another mishap. This is for Hufflepuff, Jílek admitted. He will deal with the goalkeeper

After two minutes, Macík already lost 1:2 in the previous match with Teplice. In Jablonec, he still caught Hübschman’s header after a corner kick, but after a quarter of an hour of the game, he again made a mistake in passing. The 29-year-old goalkeeper, in a tight spot in front of the onrushing Jovovic, sent … Read more

After half a year of marriage, “the couple let go of their doubts about each other” Li Peixu admitted: because I am very home | Entertainment | CTWANT

Li Peixu and his wife had been married for about half a year before the couple expressed their doubts about each other. (Picture/Return to Li Peixu’s Facebook page) Artist Li Peixu posted a photo of him holding hands with a woman in his personal community in July last year. Both of them were wearing the … Read more