Approved the definitive list of admitted to adjudicate and renovate the orchards of Alamillo

The Alamillo Metropolitan Park has 179 cultivated plots. Of these, 132 are subject to renewal, while the remaining 47, to which will be added those that are not renewed, will be awarded by lottery among all natural and legal persons who have been admitted after fulfilling the requirements in their application. The draw will take … Read more

Luis Suárez admitted that the news of Messi in Barcelona hurts him

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 22.11.2020 16:39:19 Locked in a room after test positive for covid-19, Luis Suarez, forward of Atlético de Madrid, acknowledged that he is concerned about the disturbing moment he lives Lionel Messi in Barcelona, where he is constantly singled out as the head of the club’s ills. “As a fellow friend … Read more

A patient with covid-19 played the violin admitted to the ICU

(CNN) — A retired conductor battling COVID-19 at a Utah hospital turned to his true passion, music, to help spread some joy in the intensive care unit. Even when intubated and unable to speak, Grover Wilhelmsen wanted to show his gratitude to the healthcare workers at McKay-Dee Hospital in Ogden. The 70-year-old patient used pencil … Read more

Coronavirus What treatment is given to a seriously ill patient admitted to intensive care in Argentina?

The corticosteroid dexamethasone, commonly used, lowered mortality by just over 10% within intensive therapies Source: LA NACION – Credit: Hernán Zenteno Even though vaccines against Covid-19 are just around the corner, the weeks or perhaps months until a good part of the population is immunized means that several thousand infected Argentines will have to be … Read more

El Bierzo Hospital restores the free television service to those admitted

The television service for those admitted to Hospital El Bierzo once again operates freely in all rooms. The instruction was transmitted to all plants on Tuesday as soon as it was received. Free access to this service was adopted as a “humanization” measure in the early stages of the health crisis caused by the covid-19 … Read more

Meghan Markle admitted that television sets were a “wicked” place for children.

Meghan Markle Although that helped her grow professionally, exposure to the industry at a young age also had an adverse effect, according to her. Meghan Markle has been dabbling in the entertainment business since she was just a schoolgirl, and has been trying to make her name bigger ever since. And while that helped her … Read more

The Turkish Interior Minister and his family, admitted by Covid-19

The Minister of the Interior of Turkey, Suleyman Soylu, as well as his wife and daughter, have been admitted to a hospital after having tested positive for Covid-19 last Monday, the minister himself reported this Saturday on his Twitter account. “On Monday, not feeling well, I repeated some tests (for covid) and both my wife … Read more

Development publishes the list of admitted to award and renovate the orchards of Alamillo

The Ministry of Development, Infrastructure and Land Management has made public the provisional list of applicants admitted to the renewal process and new award for the use and special, temporary and free use of the agroecological gardens of the Alamillo Metropolitan Park, in Seville . The call published last June thus enters its final phase … Read more

Harry admitted that he “had no idea about racial prejudice” until he met Meghan.

“Due to the way he was raised and educated I had no idea that racial prejudice existed,” acknowledged the Duke of Sussex. Prince Harry from Great Britain He admitted that he “had no idea of ​​the existence of racial prejudice” until he met his current wife, American actress Meghan Markle, with whom he has a … Read more

On video | This is how Javier Ordóñez was admitted to CAI of the Police in Bogotá – El Pilón

During the third session of the disciplinary trial against the patrolmen of the National Police Harby Damián Rodríguez and Juan Camilo Lloreda, for the murder of Javier Ordonez, happened on September 9 in Bogotá, videos were released showing how the uniformed men admitted the victim to the CAI of Villa Luz in the country’s capital. … Read more