The beaches without quarantine: with an ideal climate, the Comodorenses approached the coast – ADNSur

COMODORO RIVADAVIA (ADNSUR) – This Saturday there was a new day to enjoy the outdoors in the city, without the presence of the wind and a maximum that reached 25 degrees. That is why, despite the restrictions, the Comodorenses approached the waterfront. There, on the local coast in the afternoon, hundreds of people were seen … Read more

He belongs to Comodoro, he played in the first of River and today he reinvented his life: Franco Miranda in ADNSUR sports – ADNSur

Marcelo Fuentes started the impressive defender in professionalism when he was counting on him for the squad that was later played by Nacional “B”. However, this man from Como, who started playing naps in his LU4 neighborhood, knew that he could do more and they gave him the chance, that’s how he got to River, … Read more

Cine.Ar premiered “Troperos”, a documentary about the gauchos of Patagonia – ADNSur

EL CALAFATE (ADNSUR) – Nicol├ís Detry, 27, studied cinema in Buenos Aires and has already directed his first film. Two years of unpredictable travels to the heart of an isolated valley in the mountain range were transformed into a documentary that portrays the life of the Patagonian gauchos, those countrymen with a profession that is … Read more

According to 239 experts, COVID-19 is in the air – ADNSur

AUSTRALIA – One of the complex conditions facing the world in the face of the coronavirus pandemic is the lack of knowledge that we still have about the disease. While the pandemic circulates, is controlled and reappears, scholars do not stop opening possible doors to new concepts. This is how some measures that were believed … Read more

Massoni spoke of the physical training of the Chubut agents: “We have to stop having the fat policeman” – ADNSur

COMODORO RIVADAVIA (ADNSUR) – This Monday the images in which the Chubut Minister of Security is seen went viral, Federico Massoni, hanging from a rope during a training day for cadets of the provincial police. The official spoke about the photos and highlighted the importance of physical training that must be in the police force. … Read more