The race is strictly Telstar-world Kharchouch, ADO retrieves the top goal scorer of Eindhoven, THE

Both of the Race Rotterdam and ADO Den Haag reserves on Monday, reinforced with a clubtopscorer out of the Kitchen as the Champion of a Division. The race explained the striker Reda Kharchouch of the Telstar, as the ADO and the introduction of the FC Eindhoven midfielder Samy Bourard announced. The 24-year-old Kharchouch gold last … Read more

‘And you, you are not to forget that the ADO, show six days later it was…?’

After a six-year period in which, And even in the world of music had turned their backs on, it’s back to business as usual. In spite of a busy schedule of interviews, he makes time for an interview with the Broadcaster’s West, and we at the point where the band and the Band, it was … Read more