The new plan for restricting the use and spread of drugs – in Latvia – has not been adopted for a year

He is currently being tried along with three other people – former police officer and employee of the late Jānis Skrabāns company Agri Vaivoda, Agra’s brother Daina Vaivoda and Andrejs Davidko – for smuggling, drug storage and money laundering. However, according to IR magazine, more and more people are suspected of involvement in the large-scale … Read more

France: The Assemblée nationale adopted the law on the vaccine passport

The act was adopted with 214 votes. 93 members of the lower house of parliament were against and 27 abstained. The bill will now be discussed by the Senate, which is to deal with it at the beginning of next week. According to the draft, the new regulations were to enter into force on January … Read more

Amendments are adopted to compensate users by 50% of the cost of the electricity system service

Initially, the amendments to the law were pushed by the government, but in order to make the necessary legal changes, the Saeima passed an alternative bill led by the Commission for National, Agrarian, Environmental and Regional Policy. On December 21, the government supported the amendments to the Electricity Trade and Use Regulations developed by the … Read more

The decree for a fairer tax, which had shaken the Walloon government, definitively adopted by the parliament

Posted on Wednesday, December 22, 2021 at 9:20 p.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga The decree for a fairer tax carried by Jean-Luc Crucke (MR), which had shaken the Walloon government after the opposition of the liberal parliamentary group to the text, was finally voted on Wednesday evening during the last plenary session of the year … Read more

UN General Assembly adopted a new resolution on the occupied Crimea – news from Ukraine, Politics

The UN General Assembly adopted a new, sixth in a row, resolution on the human rights situation in the occupied Crimea. Voting in New York ended on the night of December 17. Read us in Telegram: proven facts, only important 65 countries voted for the new resolution “The situation with human rights in the temporarily … Read more

Moscow has reacted to Lithuania’s plans: if such restrictions are adopted, Russia will not go unnoticed

“We are very concerned about reports of a possible ban on the transit of goods from Belarus through Lithuania,” a spokeswoman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. Maria Zacharova. “We are convinced that such a path leads to a stalemate, as it may affect the supply of the Kaliningrad region, adversely affect the … Read more

Eminem’s niece, who was adopted by the rapper, got engaged: I say “Yes” a hundred times

Rapper Marshall Bruce Matters III, who has gained popularity as Eminem, has a big reason to celebrate, as his eldest daughter, 28-year-old Aleina, recently announced her engagement to her partner Matt Moeller. She shared the good news on her personal social media profile, posting a gallery of three images that sealed the romantic marriage proposal … Read more

Formula 1 | Only Haas at the start, Schumacher is satisfied with the strategy adopted

No miracle for Haas F1 today, which only had one single-seater, that of Mick Schumacher, after Nikita Mazepin tested positive for COVID-19 and forfeited. Despite everything, the young German driver crossed swords with Nicholas Latifi’s Williams before the latter crashed, which will remain as a satisfaction before starting the winter break. “We tried a different … Read more

“Chopa”, the dog that Marvel actor Simu Liu adopted in the Dominican Republic

The protagonist of the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Marvel), Simu Liu, told how he found his pet Chopa, whom he rescued from the streets of the Dominican Republic in the middle of filming. In an interview on People VIP, the actor explained that during the filming of the feature film … Read more