Adriana Volpe, stocked on Rai. And the frost grows with Giancarlo Magalli

The workplace for many can also be an expensive place, made up of colleagues and relationships that go beyond the exclusive working relationship. This, however, does not seem to have happened for Adriana Volpe during her long experience as a conductor in RAI. In fact, the presenter is, despite herself, also known for the long … Read more

“They asked me not to comment …” – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Fredella 01 Aug 2020 Adriana Volpe against Rai. Once again. The arrow is fiery: the TV8 newcomer returns to the Rai topic. “They asked me not to comment. Instead we can do it, in this network we can say anything we want, “says the Fox. A real cold shower. No reference to the issue … Read more

Has Adriana Volpe returned single? Direct question, the presenter answers

Ever since Big Brother Vip 4 ended, the wedding of Adriana Volpe it was very talked about. Also because, by the admission of the same Trentino host, she experienced moments of ‘down’. Nothing irreparable has always hurried to clarify the face of Every Morning (Tv8). The fact is that the gossip has never stopped. And … Read more