Adriana Valcárcel, wife of Carlos Feria, accepts error for treatment of daughter – People – Culture

Carlos Feria and Adriana Valcárcel, a couple of ‘influencers’ who share humorous content on social networks, say they are overcoming the complex situation they experienced. A series of complaints pointed them to allegedly mistreating her four-year-old daughter for the heavy jokes in which they made her part of it. We recognize that Carlos and I … Read more

Velvet – Gummy Candy – Adriana Lima was attacked because of the kilos she gained during her pregnancy

Not only is she showered with praise, but she also receives hurtful comments on social media Adriana Lima. This time, the 41-year-old Brazilian supermodel is being criticized by Internet users because they believe that she gained too many pounds during her pregnancy. However, the model, who is carrying her third child, tried to emphasize her … Read more

Karla Tarazona on the fight between Magaly Medina and Jazmín Pinedo: “Everything has a limit” | Adriana Quevedo | Kurt Villavicencio Metiche | Videos | entertainment

Magaly Medina and his media lawsuit with Jasmine Pinedo continue to generate reactions in characters in the show. The most recent come from the hosts of “D’ Mañana”, Karla Tarazona, Adriana Quevedo and Kurt Villavicencio, the popular ‘Metiche’. In statements to La República, the trio gave their opinion on whether or not the “Chinita” deserved … Read more

Adriana Kalska poses with a pregnant belly. “Such a situation”. Fans delighted

More interesting news can be found on the home page Adriana Kalska i Mikołaj Roznerski they ended their three-year relationship at the end of 2021. As reported by the weekly “Rewia”, the actors did not have time for themselves due to the large amount of work they had to do. They’ve since stopped following … Read more

Influencer and singer Adriana Miglāne has gone to her husband

On April 14, the singer, star of the show “X Factors” Adriana Miglāne and her beloved Krišjānis Sondors changed their rings. The young couple spent an important day in the company of their immediate family, promising a bigger celebration a year after they get married in church. “My dear man, we will always remember this … Read more

Adriana Fonseca reveals the secret privilege that Thalía had in her soap operas

Adriana Fonseca / Mexico Agency Thalía is one of the Mexican actresses who achieved international fame by starring in successful melodramas in the 90s, even during an interview she confessed that she is the artist who signed the most expensive contract in the history of Televisa for the trilogy of melodramas: María Mercedes , Marimar … Read more

Adriana Lucía confirms that her daughters are premature and are in good health

Through a video on Instagram in which she appears with her husband and her eldest son, the singer Adriana Lucia confirmed the birth of their daughters Carlota and Simona. In the video, in which he looks quite good, the artist confirmed that her little ones were born prematurely this January 11 and who are still … Read more

Adriana Kalska comments on the parting with Miko³aj Roznerski with a sad graphic. “The most depressive day”

You can read more about the relationships of Polish stars on the home page Adriana Kalska i Mikołaj Roznerski they broke up after almost four years of relationship. Still in the past holiday the media speculated that the couple was going to get married. However, a few months later there was a crisis in … Read more

Adriana Volpe, do you know what educational qualifications the Gf Vip columnist has? And who expected it

Adriana Volpe in the role of commentator of the GF VIP alongside Sonia Bruganelli he is taking good revenge after the stormy farewell to Rai and the war with Giancarlo Magalli, which ended in court with a sentence that saw her triumph after years of criticism and accusations with the former colleague, called to compensate … Read more