No need to set aside money for too long, buy a new car, just 5% down payment

Jakarta – After more than 2 years of being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, now, the stretching of community activities to rise up during these difficult times has been seen. This can be seen from a number of activities that have returned to normal, such as working with 100% WFO, face-to-face school students, crowded shopping … Read more

Mining Industry Opens Voice About Green Mining, Listen!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Awareness of the importance of understanding the issue of climate change continues to be increased by all stakeholders. One sector that is very influential on environmental emissions is energy. The energy sector is required to meet the emission reduction target towards Net Zero Emission (NZE) by 2060. The Ministry of Energy … Read more

Peel Completely CPO Policy, The Biggest Export Contributor of Indonesia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia has been the world’s largest producer of palm oil since 2006, overtaking Malaysia’s position for years. Even in 2019, palm oil production in Indonesia has penetrated 43.5 million tons with an average annual growth of 3.61%. This makes exports of crude palm oil (CPO) the largest export contributor for Indonesia. … Read more

Want to Save Safely and Conveniently at the Bank? Here’s LPS Tips

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Since childhood, people are always taught to save in order to have savings in the future, and to buy what they want in the future. This makes saving in the bank a ‘normal’ thing for the community. Even when saving in the bank, there is a feeling of security because the … Read more

Maintain Family Immunity to Stay Healthy in the Face of the New Variant of COVID-19!

Jakarta – The spread of the Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 subvariant COVID-19 viruses often worries the public. This is because these two subvariants are said to be more contagious than the original strain or other variants. Even the incubation period only takes 1 to 3 days to trigger symptoms. In order to prevent transmission, we … Read more

Good news! Biznet Home Now Comes With Cheaper Service Prices

Jakarta – The need for internet for urban people in Indonesia is increasing. Based on a survey by the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII) in 2022, most Indonesians use the internet for about 5 hours a day and as many as 210 million or 77.02% of the total Indonesian population are active internet users. … Read more

Is it true that startup businesses are the prima donna of youth?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Currently, the economic foundation and the future of the country are starting to be supported by the millennial generation to generation z. They are considered to have more creativity and easier adaptation adjustments with increasingly advanced technology. Not infrequently, many of them are currently reluctant to become employees in general and … Read more

Cafe Owners Listen! This is a way to make many customers feel at home hanging out

Jakarta – There are a number of lifestyle shifts and trends from today’s young generation. The majority of them choose cafes to carry out various activities, ranging from places to hangout with friends, places to study, to places where they work. In the past, the activities of visitors at the cafe were only limited to … Read more

Reaching Out to Former Workers for Remediation

Jakarta – Sime Darby Plantation Berhad (SDP) is the world’s largest producer of certified sustainable palm oil. We are committed to responsible recruitment to ensure that our workers are free from forced and exploitative labor practices. In July 2021, SDP learned that some of our expatriate workers had been charged additional fees by recruitment agencies, … Read more

More Complete! Livin’ by Mandiri Provides Ease of Mutual Fund Investment

Jakarta – Investment is now starting to attract millennials in every country, including Indonesia. Various digital platforms are competing to provide a number of conveniences in investing. In line with the increasing investment interest of the Indonesian people, Bank Mandiri presents a faster and safer mutual fund investment feature in the Livin’ by Mandiri application. … Read more