Tesla drivers take advantage of acceleration > teslamag.de

In his Safety Score collects various individual factors for Tesla for its own insurance, which are intended to reflect the risk of accidents, and adjusts the amount of its premiums accordingly. There are point deductions, for example, for hard braking or close tailgating, but not for exhausting the acceleration ability. As is well known, this … Read more

The naivety of the Danes. Opponents quickly took advantage of this. Everything recorded [WIDEO]

to the watching fans Kangaroos’ historic 1-0 win over Denmark it may have missed the fact that Australia coach Graham Arnold and his staff most likely learned the tricks that their European rivals prepared for them during the match. Thanks to the piece of paper lying on the pitch, they were able to read the … Read more

The prices of electricity, gas and heat in 2023 were invented simply, but they did not take advantage of a unique opportunity (+ technological overview of the week)

A selection of the most important technology, internet, science and digital life news from the past week. You are currently reading the 237th edition of the technology selection, in which Ján Trangel draws attention to the most important events of the past week in the form of short comments and selects articles that you should … Read more

Nicolas must reimburse 4,700 euros to ONEM himself because his former employer defrauded to take advantage of Covid unemployment

March 2020. Like the rest of the planet, our country has been hit hard by the coronavirus epidemic. The health situation is catastrophic, with hundreds of deaths a day. At the same time, economic life is paralyzed, with multiple confinements, and tens of thousands of workers find themselves in temporary unemployment linked to the Covid. … Read more

Portaltic.-A new campaign takes advantage of TikTok’s ‘Invisible Challenge’ to encourage the installation of malicious software

MADRID, 30 Nov. (Portaltic/EP) – A new reto en TikTok has become the excuse for cybercriminals to distribute a malware campaign encouraging users of this popular social network to install the program and put their devices at risk. One of the most recent viral challenges on the TikTok platform is the so-called ‘Invisible challenge’, in … Read more

Study sees high chances of profit: German manufacturers have an advantage in the e-car boom

Study sees high chances of winning German manufacturers have an advantage in the e-car boom 11/29/2022, 4:10 am The transition to e-mobility is progressing. With increasing electrification, German car manufacturers even have a market advantage over international competitors, according to a study. The chances of a quick production adjustment therefore outweigh the risks. According to … Read more

Whiten your clothes naturally taking advantage of sunlight

Many people do not feel comfortable using bleach to remove stains from clothes. This product is hard, toxic and corrosive, and therefore it is not recommended to throw it down the drain. There are more natural bleaches and products to whiten clothes alternatives on the market that certainly are less toxic when washing clothes and … Read more

The famous console takes advantage of a dingo, watch out for out of stock

Here is a small game console that we will find in quantity under the tree on the morning of December 25th. Not only is the famous Nintendo Switch OLED available on this online sales site, but it is also at an excellent price. The Amazon e-commerce site offers you to acquire the Nintendo Switch OLED … Read more