Clear Accounts: how to use, understand and take advantage of credit cards

Guatemala. When we talk about financial products, specifically about credit cards, there are many urban myths and legends associated with their use and abuse, which creates apprehension on the part of consumers when it comes to opting for these options. However, the responsible use of credit cards can increase our purchasing power and even improve … Read more

Browns take advantage of the weather against Jaguars, El Siglo de Torreón

Baker Mayfield capitalized on the best weather he’s played in a month by throwing two touchdown passes in Cleveland’s 27-25 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, a result that kept the Browns in contention for a ticket to the AFC playoffs. Mayfield connected with Jarvis Landry and Austin Hooper on touchdown passes to end … Read more

Braithwaite and Griezmann give Barcelona an advantage (2-0) against Osasuna • Hola News

BARCELONA-OSASUNA FOOTBALL Barcelona, ​​Nov 28 (EFE) .- A goal by Martin Braithwaite in minute 30 and another by Antoine Griezmann in minute 42 give Barcelona an advantage against Osasuna at half-time. The Danish Barcelona striker took advantage of a mixed play in the Osasuna area to open the scoring and the French international extended the … Read more

PUBG takes advantage of the power of Xbox Series S and does not go below 60 FPS

Not long ago actually PUBG the game that ended up popularizing the battle royale, already confirmed the inclusion of a performance mode that as you can guess, it would make the game run at a rate of 60 FPS incluyendo a Xbox One X. The promise was fulfilled and here I bring you a video … Read more

The Windows XP Tour reminds us of the days when machines taught you how to take advantage of them from the first moment

Windows XP is one of Microsoft’s most praised operating systems, and among its many virtues was one aimed at something fundamental: teach users to take their first steps with the computer.

I did it through the “Windows XP Tower“, a tool that welcomed the user and in addition to doing some publicity for Microsoft included small help animations with a tutorial that showed how to handle the operating system. Manufacturers and developers no longer take care of that, perhaps because there is a alternative that usually does the work for them: YouTube.

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Balenciaga takes advantage of the pull of gaming to premiere its next clothing collection

Crossed out just a few years ago from being a niche market for an audience rejected by society, more and more sectors now want to get on the the unstoppable fashion of gaming, curious redundancy, with the latest craze from the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga. And it is that the famous designer has anticipated the … Read more

Take advantage of this offer of Assassin’s Creed Origins for Xbox

Thanks to Assassin’s Creed: Origins For Xbox we will be able to travel through ancient Egypt, exploring the pyramids in search of great treasures and facing all kinds of enemies that we will discover in this long and exciting adventure. A new twist to the saga and that the rest suited him very well. A … Read more

Huawei: Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo seek to take advantage of the company’s problems with the United States

Chinese rivals of Huawei, among them Xiaomi, Oppo Y Vivo, are carrying out aggressive maneuvers to snatch market share after the United States sanctions have affected Huawei’s supply chains, according to industry analysts. Last week Huawei indicated you had sold your low price brand Honor for an undisclosed figure, in an attempt to safeguard its … Read more

Why take advantage of its renewal to restructure your mortgage?

Whether you have debt or not, your plans will influence the development of your new mortgage. It all depends on your plans as well as your current debts. If the current interest rate on your loans (auto, credit cards, lines of credit, furniture, etc.) is higher than that on a mortgage, borrowing again on your … Read more