Selligent Marketing Cloud chooses Lewis to manage its communication in Ibeira

The campaign will focus on obtaining an impact in general and business media, as well as in those specialized in marketing, technology and sectors such as retail, tourism, entertainment, publishing or financial, for which the company offers its services and technology Lewis has been chosen by Selligent Marketing Cloud Ibérica for the management of its … Read more

“Advertisers and actors are after us, not us after them”

First in disappeared glossy magazines like “Things”, and now in The latest news, a Chilean correspondent in Hollywood has kept us informed of what is happening in the world of the great movie stars. Is about Yenny Nun, iconic entertainment journalist, who spoke with Citizen DNA. Living in California since 1974, Yenny declares herself “totally … Read more

Advertisers are leaving the Polish Radio. Million dollar losses

As we read, according to unofficial estimates of people associated with the marketing of Polskie Radio SA, who were reached by Rzeczpospolita, only from the end of May, i.e. from the scandal with the Three Hits List and Kazik’s song, the lost advertising revenues of the entire institution may amount to PLN 5-6 million per … Read more

4 advertisers in “Made in France” screens around the Tour de France with FranceTV Publicité

For the Tour de France, FranceTV Publicité has marketed contextualized screens around the theme “Made in France”. The device includes 11 screens broadcast on France 2 and France 3 during 6 expected stages of the event.4 advertisers have joined forces with this theme: Amora, Aramisauto, Crédit Agricole, FDJ. The orchestration was carried out with their … Read more

Facebook: iOS 14 privacy changes major blow to online advertisers | NOW

Facebook has Wednesday in a blogpost warned that iOS 14, Apple’s new operating system, will have “serious consequences” for online advertisers. These are changes in the field of privacy that limit the possibility of targeted advertising. Apple is expected to release iOS 14 for the latest iPhones in the fall. With the new operating system, … Read more