Corona virus may never go away

After a curfew of several weeks, the corona loosening now creates hope for improvement in many people. But the WHO warns that the virus – like HIV – could never go away. According to the World Health Organization, the new type of corona virus could possibly never disappear again. People around the world may need … Read more

Road Safety Council calls for 130 on highways

The speed limit on motorways is getting closer: The powerful German Road Safety Council also expressly speaks in favor of this. Now, according to one expert, there is only one hurdle to overcome. The discussion about speed limits on German motorways is picking up speed again. Because now the German Road Safety Council (DVR) endorses … Read more

This triple therapy brings first success

Does a mix of medications help treat Covid-19? A new study from Hong Kong gives hope. It was shown that patients with mild courses recovered faster. It’s in the drug cocktail. Researchers around the world are reporting their first small successes in the search for therapy for corona disease. Good news comes from Hong Kong: … Read more

Coronavirus hope: Lama produces corona antibodies

Llamas could play a key role in finding anti-coronavirus drugs. Scientists have found that the animals can make antibodies against the virus. The llama named Winter has dark brown fur, long ears – and it could play a role in the search for a remedy for Corona. Belgian researchers carried out tests on it a … Read more

Did the corona virus spread in 2019?

The new virus should be in circulation since the beginning of 2020 – so far the opinion. However, current studies provide evidence that the rapid spread may have taken place earlier. There is growing evidence that this Corona virus possibly not in circulation around the world since the beginning of 2020. Scientists from the University … Read more

Blue tits die under mysterious circumstances

The small animals with their characteristic blue plumage are in danger. Experts warn of a possible new illness – and ask the population for help. Conservationists are currently registering an unusually large number of dead blue tits. To find out whether a new bird disease is spreading in Germany, the Naturschutzbund Deutschland (Nabu) asks to … Read more

Man or woman – who is more dangerous at the wheel?

Delicate overtaking maneuvers, sharp corners and excessive speed: do men or women drive dangerous cars and motorbikes? The debate is ancient – now there are new study results. According to British researchers, male drivers are significantly more dangerous to others than women in road traffic. The scientists analyzed British fatal accident data from 2005 to … Read more