A new campaign on networks advises where to call if you are denied access to legal abortion

After promulgating the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy law and being published today in the Official Gazette, a new campaign was launched on social networks to warn women and pregnant people where to call if access to legal abortion is denied in a center Health. Although the law decriminalizes and legalizes the termination of pregnancy by … Read more

Bredin Prat advises the Lagardère group

Bredin Prat advises the Lagardère group on the establishment of a State Guaranteed Loan (PGE) of 465 million euros. Bredin Prat advised the Lagardère group on the signing of a loan contract guaranteed by the State and an amendment and extension of its revolving credit line. Lagardère has set up a loan of 465 million … Read more

London advises against trucks heading to the port of Dover for now

London, Dec 22 (EFE) .- The British government has warned transport companies on Tuesday not to send trucks to Kent, the English county where the port of Dover is located, for now, despite the fact that France has advanced that it will reopen this midnight the steps of the English Channel. There has been “good … Read more

A four-day workweek? Why the production structure advises against it

In recent days the successful examples of some companies to defend the proposal of a workday of four days a week. Microsoft conducted an experiment during the summer of 2019 with its Japanese subsidiary and found that their productivity improved by 40% and their production costs dropped significantly. However, despite the supposed success of the … Read more

Goldman advises to buy British assets before possible agreement

More news from Bloomberg The politicians believe a postbrexit trade deal could be reached this week, por what the strategists at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. they are advising investors to embark on a wave of forgotten British asset purchases. The firm’s strategists, led by Sharon Bell, cite expectations of an economic reactivation and the deployment … Read more

Trump advises that the Covid-19 vaccine will be distributed in the coming weeks

United States His remarks come ahead of a meeting where FDA regulators will review Pfizer’s request for an emergency use authorization for its vaccine. Published on 29 November, 2020 Trump claims the COVID-19 vaccine will be delivered next week /. (Illustrative photo: Gage Skidmore-Flickr) The outgoing president of the United States, Donald Trump, declared late … Read more

Unemployment insurance reform: “We have to put everything back on track,” advises Senator Puissat (LR)

This is another setback for the government in the tortuous road of reforming unemployment insurance, which had not obtained the support of the social partners, before being postponed several times due to the health crisis. The Council of State annulled on November 25 two highly contested provisions of the decree published in July 2019, during … Read more

The Government advises the parades of Kings “static” and “recorded music” at masses

The Government’s draft with the measures for Christmas celebrations includes the recommendation of “static horseback riding” as alternatives to those that are performed every year and also, “not sing” at masses and use “recorded music.” “Events such as the Three Kings parade and other types of events that take place during the Christmas holidays involve … Read more

Microsoft advises: there will be a shortage of Xbox Series X | S until April 2021

The launch of Xbox Series X | S is being historic for Microsoft. The debut of its new generation of consoles is registering player figures above any other platform of the company and, due to different circumstances, there is no stock in practically the whole world. This situation of insufficient units will extend, estimates the … Read more