Optimistic – 100 million vaccine doses planned

Several companies are currently developing corona vaccines. CureVac is one of them, but it won’t be the first to launch yours. Instead, the German company wants to win another race. The Tübingen-based biotech company CureVac is firmly counting on the success of the one it is currently developing Covid-19Vaccine. “We plan on success and aim … Read more

Recall: Chocolate could contain plastic parts

The manufacturer Plant-for-the-Planet is recalling several of its chocolate bars. The reason: they could contain plastic parts. Plant-for-the-Planet has recalled various versions of the article “The Good Chocolate”. As the company announced in a press release, the manufacturer reported possible contamination with foreign bodies (pieces of plastic) as part of a regular routine check. Consumption … Read more

When they are worthwhile – and when not

The production of an electric car is still significantly more expensive for car companies compared to the classic combustion engine. Buyers also still have to dig deeper into their pockets. But there are exceptions. Photo series with 11 pictures Electric cars are likely to continue to burden the profit margins of automakers for the foreseeable … Read more