Unibail gets hit on considerably lower AEX | Financial

After ten minutes of trading, the AEX index was 1.6% lower at 549.6 points. The AMX fell 0.8% to 818.8 points. The price signs in London (-1.1%), Paris (-1.4%) and Frankfurt (-1.5%) also turned red. Investors were negative, because US central bank chairman Powell did not hint at an expansion of the buy-back program on … Read more

AEX turns red, slowing down tech rally | Financial

The AEX index ended 1% lower at a level of 556.80 points. On balance, the main indicator gained 1%. The AMX rose fractionally to 810.36 points. Elsewhere in Europe, the stock markets showed a mixed picture. Paris took a stand and Frankfurt fell 0.2%. Financial institutions in Europe benefited from the rising interest rates after … Read more

Adyen and Galapagos at the bottom of higher AEX | Financial

The AEX was 0.2% higher at 553.4 points at ten o’clock. On Thursday, the main Amsterdam stock market indicator still had 1.4% handed in. The AMX was 0.1% lower at 801 points The other European stock market indicators fluctuated around Thursday’s closing positions. The British FTSE fell 0.2%. The German DAX and the French CAC … Read more

AEX conquers Galapagos cold shower under KPN | umbrella Financial

After having been at a loss for a long time, the AEX index ended 0.1% higher at 560.22 points. The AMX remained unchanged at 802.88 points Other stock exchanges in Europe performed slightly better than Amsterdam. The German DAX and the French CAC 40 both plus 0.7%. President Trump reported on Tuesday evening that he … Read more

Takeaway seasoning on considerably higher AEX | Financial

At around 2:30 PM, the AEX index was 1.9% higher at 555.6 points. The Amsterdam stock market gauge thus partly recovered from the 3.3% decline in the previous two trading days. The AMX rose 1% to 768.1 points. The price boards in London (+ 1.4%), Paris (+ 1.4%) and Frankfurt (+ 2.5%) also turned green. … Read more