Christian, affected by the Pfizer Covid vaccine: “No one informed me that it could have this adverse effect”

Christian He is a young man, an elite athlete who had never fainted in his life. Not even when he has participated in tournaments of the highest level where he has shown his capacity and physical strength on different occasions. The medical reports of the routine controls that he undergoes, every time he has to … Read more

Latent TB, the bacteria are hidden in the body, the affected person doesn’t necessarily look sick

August 14, 2022 Media Headquarters Bharindo Sukabumi (MBS) For ordinary people, pain is when he feels symptoms that are visible or felt in his body. People who are exposed to tuberculosis, for example, will be alert and aware when the general symptoms they know, such as coughing for more than two weeks, fever, weight loss … Read more

DHF Cases Increase, Government Encourages Optimization of Health Facilities in Affected Areas – RDK FM UIN JAKARTA

Mosquito illustration temples of the Egyptians. photo source: On Wednesday (10/08), Deputy chairman of the House of Representatives (DPR) Muhaimin Iskandar responded to the increasing cases of Dengue Fever (DHF) in a number of areas by asking a number of Health Facilities (Faskes) in several areas to improve hospital services. It aims to reduce … Read more

Who Did the Regent of Pemalang Met at the DPR Building Before Being Affected by OTT?

Jakarta, tvOne “Thursday, August 11, 2022, the KPK received information regarding the alleged receipt of a sum of money by MAW as the Regency Regent Malang from several Pemalang Regency Government officials and other parties,” said Firli at the KPK Building, Jakarta, Friday. Furthermore, he said, the KPK team immediately moved and followed up on … Read more

Christian Nodal, Mauricio Ochmann and Miguel Herrera, affected by real estate fraud

Some days ago, Luis Oswaldo Espinoza Marinowner of the company Professional Legal Advisors (AJP), took his own life after confessing that the investments were used to commit a millionaire fraud, which affected more than 100 people, including some celebrities such as Christian NodalMauricio Ochmann, Pablo Montero and Miguel Herrera. Jalisco real estate fraud The businessman, … Read more

Pancaroba Dozens of Children Affected by Dengue Fever

Writer : KompasTV Madiun KEDIRI, KOMPAS.TV – In this transitional season, dozens of children in the city of Kediri were stricken with dengue fever. Parents are now asked to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and be more alert to the early symptoms of dengue fever. Since the last 2 months, Gambiran Hospital, Kediri City, has continued … Read more

Breweries affected by electricity prices – warn of more expensive beer

The government has indicated that it is considering electricity support for vulnerable businesses. Managing director Christian AK Aass of Aass brewery believes that it is well overtime. – That those who are elected have not done anything about this is still very strange, if I had been in their shoes I would not have had … Read more