Hundreds of Palestinians affected by Jerusalem riots / Day

Last night, Jewish nationalists planned to go on an annual march to mark the annexation of East Jerusalem in 1967, while the Palestinians will celebrate the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in the middle of the week, and there are fears of a deterioration. A set of several factors Reuters recalls that … Read more

The Banque du Liban issued a circular related to amending the facilities and assisting those affected by the explosion in the Beirut port

The Banque du Liban issued a circular directed to exchange institutions, regarding the amendment of the basic decision related to the electronic exchange operations platform. On the other hand, the bank issued a circular to banks related to the amendment of the facilities that the Central Bank may grant to banks and financial institutions in … Read more

Lady affected by explosion in La Trigaleña building died

Mayela Abinazar never smelled gas in her apartment. photo courtesy. On the morning of this Monday, Mayela del Mar Abinazar Carrero, 55, the owner of the apartment in the Verona building, died in a private health center, where an explosion was recorded last Wednesday, in the La Trigaleña urbanization in Valencia, product of an accumulation … Read more

Power outage around IJsselhallen in Zwolle fixed, vaccines are not affected thanks to emergency power | Coronavirus

VideoIn Zwolle, the power outage on Monday morning has been resolved. About 600 customers of grid operator Enexis had no power for a number of hours. The IJsselhallen was also one of those locations. Vaccinations are placed there and people are tested for the corona virus by the GGD IJsselland. According to assessments by both … Read more

Meghan Markle, the video message for the Vax Live event: “Women disproportionately affected by the pandemic”

In his message to the Vax Live by Global Citizen, the event organized in support of the anti Covid vaccination campaign, Meghan Markle spoke about the impact of the pandemic on women and their future, including that of her future daughter. “When we think of her, we think of all young women and girls around … Read more

Healthy coronary patients affected by fatal fungal infection in India

On Saturday morning, the Indian ophthalmologist Akshay Nair, who is based in Mumbai, is going to visit a young woman who recovered three weeks ago after having the coronavirus. Inside the operating room, ear-nose-throat specialists are already operating on the 25-year-old diabetic. She has a rare and aggressive disease that invades the blood vessels and … Read more

Video .. cried affected .. Robin scored two goals after an absence of 6 months

Muhammad Ismail – Cairo – Books – Muhammad Mustafa: Dutch star Arjen Robben contributed to Groningen’s 4-0 victory over Emman in the 32nd week of the Dutch League, which Ajax Amsterdam won by winning the title. Arjen Robben made two goals for his team, to contribute to the victory, which raised his team’s score to … Read more

Huge pipeline network affected by computer attacks in the United States

A computer attack has led to a temporary halt in the operation of pipelines that supply around 45 percent of all fuel on the east coast of the United States, the operator states. Colonial Pipelines facility in Helena, Alabama. A large pipeline network transporting fuel along the east coast of the United States has been … Read more

The list of affected countries includes changes for those coming from 5 countries

Before arriving in Lithuania, not earlier than 48 hours. before the start of the trip, must be completed profile and present the received confirmation (QR code) to the carrier before boarding the vehicle or, in the case of own transport, to NVSC specialists or other officials at the border control point or passenger control point. … Read more

Greece protests against employment reform; strikes have affected public transport

Some 6,000 people are taking part in some protests in Athens. Demonstrations are also held in several other large cities. Extensive strikes took place in Greece on Tuesday, but on Thursday they affected public authorities, ferries and public transport. Several flights have also been canceled or postponed due to a strike by air traffic controllers. … Read more