“Ann” exposes softly

“Ann Thongprasom” reveals drinking with “Aff Taksorn”, saying that the line is strong, the bottle is still indifferent. Ready to reveal the moment in the frame “Han So Hee”, beautiful, elegant, Somsak with many people who love It made me quite excited with the picture of “Ann Thongprasom” drinking with “AFL” Taksorn Paksukcharoen. “In fact, … Read more

“Aff Taksaorn” tells the moment of celebrating the birthday of “Pu Phaiwong”, cute and warm as usual.

“Aff Taksaorn” recounts the moment of celebrating the birthday of “Pu Paiwong”, still cute and warm as before, talks about “New Year” Odds, children of this age have new problems to solve every day. Worried about transferring schools There is a way to raise like a friend, a sister, except when she looks like a … Read more