The Greens decide to make a clearer commitment to the 1.5-degree limit for global warming

At their digital party congress, the Greens settled their controversy about the target of limiting global warming. In the corresponding chapter of the new basic program decided on Saturday, the party is more clearly committed to the 1.5 degree limit. Party leader Robert Habeck affirmed the Greens’ claim to power in his speech: “For the … Read more

In his victory speech, Biden promises reconciliation for the United States

In his victory speech, the newly elected US President Joe Biden promised to work for reconciliation in the country. The US Democrat described his election victory on Saturday evening (local time) in front of cheering supporters in his hometown of Wilmington as “clear” and “convincing”. “I promise to be a president who does not want … Read more

Investigation in Colorado to the death of the naked Black for police use

In the U.S. state of Colorado, the Governor has ordered an investigation into the death of an Afro-American who was arrested in August 2019 by the police in the chokehold. Governor Jarid Polis assured on Thursday that the investigation should culminate in the prosecution of possible perpetrators of the death of the 23-year-old Elijah McClain, … Read more