Willy Gnonto takes his final exams: ‘I’m afraid of math, if it were a match I’d be calmer’ – Football

Smiling and ready to take the first written test for the maturity, Willy Gnonto, eighteen-year-old striker of the Italian national football team, arrived in Busto Arsizio in the province of Varese, to take the Italian test at the ‘Marco Pantani’ sports science high school. It is the same school where, in 2018, two other athletes, … Read more

People were afraid to touch the furniture, says the former director of IKEA. The Swedish furniture giant has sales of almost a billion in Slovakia – Krajina – Ekonomika

The year was 1992, when the then Polish president Lech Wałęsa visited Slovakia. He was an hour late due to the opening of the IKEA department store. Long advice did not allow him to come earlier. On Tuesday, the Swedish store celebrated its 30th birthday in Slovakia. Since his work with us, he has undergone … Read more

Scholz: Putin is afraid that the spark of democracy will jump into Russia

Scholz responded to the question of whether Putin would accept the fact that Ukraine would approach joining the European Union. “The Russian president must understand that there is a community of democratic countries with the rule of law in his neighborhood that are closer to each other than before,” Scholz said, adding that “(Putin) is … Read more

My joy is near and I am afraid of the wedding night, what should I do?? You would not expect how Heba Kotb responded to this girl!

2022/06/20 It’s 02:10 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Dr. Heba Qutb revealed the phobia of the wedding night, or the first meeting between married couples, that the most difficult thing for a person is to be a slave to something. This came in response to a caller who said in her question: My joy … Read more

Marathon Digital Accelerates Bitcoin Mining not afraid of falling prices

The website cointelegraph.com reports that although the pricebitcoin (BTC) may be reduced to the point of uselessness. that can no longer be profitable for miners by but Marathon Digital Holdings One of the largest bitcoin mining companies in North America says it will continue to work on accumulating leading digital assets. Charlie Schumacher, vice president … Read more

– Only an idiot would not be afraid

Photo: Jan T. Espedal BAKHMUT / DNIPRO, UKRAINE (Aftenposten): Politicians and military experts call it an artillery duel. Those who have seen the atrocities use completely different words to describe the battles that will decide the war. 19. June 2022 22:42 Last updated today 11:38 Newsletter Get the overview with our newsletter about Ukraine sign … Read more

– He’s afraid of a maid

In France, as in the United States, the president depends on a majority in parliament to govern. For the past five years, President Emmanuel Macron has had a comfortable majority in the French National Assembly. He has run through several controversial reforms, almost without opposition. On the other hand, he has struggled with the “street … Read more

The creators of The Callisto Protocol will bring to life the ideas prepared for Dead Space and are not afraid of competition with the remake

© In a new interview, Chris Stone, Chief Creative Officer of Striking Distance Studios and former Dead Space Animation Director, spoke about where the team looks for inspiration the most when creating The Callisto Protocol horror. Stone calls the genre-defining horror game series Silent Hill and Resident Evil “obvious influences“, but says that Striking Distance … Read more

Amber Heard on US TV: I’m afraid Johnny will sue me again – people

She lost the lawsuit, but she is far from thinking about giving up… Amber Heard gave her first interview on NBC’s Dateline this Friday night, three weeks after the spectacular trial of her ex-husband Johnny Depp. Speaking to Savannah Guthrie, Heard explained that she finally wants people to see her as a normal person. During … Read more

“They pushed me to enter, I was afraid of a blow”

Published on Saturday, June 18, 2022 at 4:04 p.m. Par Manon Roossens False deliverers, gas agent, works service, post office… Thefts by trickery have multiplied in recent days. Maria, 77, was a victim. She agreed to testify. We were telling you about it this Thursday, yet another theft by trickery took place in the Carolingian … Read more