Here’s the story of the murder incident that occurred in Kampung Kruni Stabat Langkat

WahanaNews-Langkat | An argument between Fendi (HKI Zone II employee) and Indra Mahendra in front of Eka Maulina’s house, Indra Mahendra’s ex-wife and a murder took place on Jalan. Ahmad Yani Kp. Kwala Bingei Urban Village, Stabat District. Monday (28/11/2022) 10.00 WIB Here’s the story at that time, Fend (47), an HKI Seacion II employee, … Read more

BlockFi crypto platform files for bankruptcy after FTX collapse

The platform for lending crypto assets and financial services BlockFi has registered a voluntary application to seek protection from Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Law during the restructuring of its activity, thus becoming the latest victim in the sector after the collapse of FTX. According to a statement from the firm, BlockFi and eight of … Read more

The message of Lourdes de Bandana after having denounced her ex for gender violence

The singer expressed herself in her networks after the repercussions that were generated after making her case public. Friday evening, Lourdes Fernandezmember of Bandana, surprised in their social networks by sharing images of his completely bruised face. Now, the singer expressed herself again after making public the unfortunate violent episode of which she was a … Read more

the trip cost him more than 200 euros, “my son was in the luggage rack”

Bee Rowlatt, a British mother, is furious. The Englishwoman was traveling from York to London with her children and fell into a crowded train: ” No seat anywhere, floors and hallways completely blocked and one of my children is in the luggage rack. This trip has cost £182.94 (about 213 euros) “, she wrote on … Read more

Portrait of Melly Goeslaw’s Eccentric Style in the Latest Photo Shoot, Showing Off a Slim Body 4 Months After Bariatric Surgery – Lose 25 Kilograms

Melly Goeslaw’s new appearance after undergoing bariatric surgery caused an uproar among netizens. How could it not be, Melly now appears with a slimmer body after losing up to 25 kilograms. His style in the latest photo shoot that he took did not escape the attention of netizens.

Myriam, 58, murdered by her husband three months after their wedding:

Many people met this Wednesday at the Diest funeral home to say goodbye to Myriam Nivarlet, this fifty-year-old murdered by her husband three months after their marriage. While the exact facts remain a mystery, the victim was allegedly stabbed with a knife in his sleep. During the ceremony, Myriam’s loved ones recalled her positive impact … Read more

Paul is angry after receiving an “excessive” and “unfair” fine of 150 euros while visiting his sick father: “Absolutely shameful!”

Paul Pescud, a Briton, traveled to Walthamstow last month to visit his ailing father. When he returned to his car, he literally fumed when he discovered a fine of 150 euros. Furious, he shared his misadventure on Twitter. “Guess why? “, he asks, before indicating that his fine was due to the fact that his … Read more

one injured after an accident at Mac Do d’Alleur

This Monday, at the end of the afternoon, an accident occurred near the Mac Do d’Alleur, avenue du Progrès. Photos showed two vehicles collided. On social networks, some spoke of a death. In reality, it is a chase between the Liège police and two thugs in a vehicle. In the district of Sainte-Walburge, a police … Read more

Dig after.. Tutankhamun’s tomb hides a priceless treasure!

Although more than 100 years have passed since its discovery, the secrets of Tutankhamun’s tomb are still emerging day after day. New evidence has revealed that the famous tomb also includes the tomb of the legendary Queen Nefertiti. The treasure of the grave and with it other treasures The information added that a team led … Read more

“It is such an important subject, it should not be seen as an opportunity to retrain politicians”

Federal MP and former Minister of Health, Maggie De Block (Open Vld), has been chosen to chair a committee of experts created within the framework of the One Health program of the World Health Organization (WHO). This program, which focuses on the interactions between health, humans, the animal world and the environment, is accompanied by … Read more