Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo agree to end his contract

Cristiano Ronaldo’s second spell at Manchester United is over. Manchester United announced on Tuesday that Ronaldo will “leave Manchester United by mutual agreement, with immediate effect.” The termination comes two days before Portugal and Ronaldo play their first game of the 2022 World Cup and after Ronaldo talked poorly of Manchester United in a televised … Read more

Victims and perpetrators of bullying at SMP Plus Baiturahman Bandung finally agree on peace.

Report of the West Java Tribune Journalist, Nazmi Abdurahman. TRIBUNCIREBON.COM, BANDUNG – Parent victim and perpetrators bullying (bullying) at SMP Plus Baiturahman, they finally agreed to mediate and forgive each other. Ayah victim bullyingYudarmi admitted that he had met the perpetrator’s family and forgave what happened to his son. “Yesterday we met (with the perpetrator’s … Read more

The icons agree – retire number 21 in Swedish ice hockey

There are not exactly a few dozen players who have worn number 21 in Tre Kronor. Börje Salming, Peter Forsberg and Jörgen Jönsson – three of the country’s most decorated and well-worn players – have all worn that shirt during their national team years, even though Jönsson had to hand it over to Forsberg when … Read more

The Washington Post: Moscow and Tehran agree on production of Iranian drones in Russia

Finland: Asking to join NATO was a ‘natural step’ after Russian invasion of Ukraine Finland’s foreign minister told a conference in Bahrain on Saturday that Finland’s request to join NATO was a “natural step” after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Sweden and Finland abandoned their decades-long policy of military non-alignment in … Read more

The people do not agree, the times do not allow; Biden is not coming | Blog post

November 18, 2022 21:21 Last Update: 21:40 “Getting rid of the haze of the Cold War, the Asia-Pacific region, especially the small and medium-sized economies, has stepped onto the fast track to modernization, and the “Asia-Pacific Miracle” came into being. The Asia-Pacific region is not anyone’s backyard, and should not become a arena for major … Read more

“Do we agree that it’s a clitoris?”: the mascots of the 2024 Olympics already at the center of controversy

This time it’s not about animals, a rare enough fact to be underlined. Two Phrygian caps called “Phryges”, a republican symbol, were selected. There is an “Olympic Phryge” and a “Paralympic Phryge” with an “artificial leg” So there is only one group name for two mascots. A complicated name that may not be easy to … Read more

Without Putin, he wouldn’t have a chance, Lukashenko has to agree to everything, Cichanouská declared

“I have to say that Belarus is de facto under military occupation,” asserts Cichanouská. Lukashenko has no control over the presence of Russian troops or their deployment, she added. “He simply has to agree to everything, because he knows that without the support of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, he would have no chance of surviving … Read more

NHL | Kubalik’s resurrection in Detroit? He will shine in the rest of the season, experts agree

Today, the 38-year-old expert played with Kubalík in his last extra-league season. “I remember when I saw him in Pilsen. On the first day of summer training, we played football, I could see right away that the boy could score goals,” recalls the 19th player in the 2002 NHL draft. “Then during that season, he … Read more

THE BALL – Poll: Do you agree with the 26 chosen by Fernando Santos? See the final result (Portugal)

Fernando Santos released this Thursday the squad list of Portugal for the 2022 World Cup. It is recalled that the national coach had initially released a list of 55 pre-selected, of which 26 have now been chosen. Highlighting the calls of António Silva and Gonçalo Ramos, both Benfica players who do not have any A … Read more

Have foreign media selected the 5 failed graphics cards in the history of ATi+AMD? Do you agree? | XFastest News

In the history of graphics cards, AMD has brought many classic products, which have attracted countless fans.But at the same time, there are some GPUs that are impressive, but they’re the other way around. A few days ago, some foreign media compiled several so-called AMD (ATi) disappointing graphics cards in the history. How many have … Read more