“When the gymnast Alina K. was brought into Kh…yla’s bedroom, she happily agreed to have sex with the leader, but put forward a condition.” Kondratyuk wrote a biography of Putin

“As a child, Valodya Kh…ylo most of all on May 9 loved to watch crippled veterans. And he swore on a gutted neighbor’s cat that such veterans would always be in Russia as long as he lived!” he wrote. As Kondratyuk writes, biographers point out that instead of “childhood, adolescence and adolescence” Valody Kh…yle had … Read more

Challenging race, Ferrari drivers agreed. Sainz is relatively satisfied, Leclerc calls for a step forward – F1sport.cz

Ferrari drivers started from the front row. Sainz lost his position in favor of Verstappen at the start. Then, especially at the end of the race, he had to keep Pérez behind. Leclerc led the race, but Verstappen managed to beat him after a few laps. “It was a very physically demanding race,” said Leclerc. … Read more

At COFESA, it was agreed to start the application of the second Covid-19 vaccination booster

Based on the recommendation of the National Immunization Commission (CONAIN), ministers of Health of the country meeting in the Federal Health Council (COFESA) agreed to begin with the application of the second COVID-19 vaccination booster in prioritized groups, taking taking into account the additional benefit that it grants and that our country foresaw the availability … Read more

Argentina agreed with Israel on a quota to export 30,000 tons of beef

The Minister of Agriculture, Julián Domínguez, today signed an agreement with Israel for the opening of a quota of 30,000 tons per year of fresh or refrigerated beef free of tariffs. In this way, a new opportunity for trade with tariff differentials was opened up to Argentina, which is added to the already existing Hilton … Read more

For the love of one man they face expressions of hatred: Enough time has passed, leave us alone, they both agreed in a clear legacy

For the governors they have a hard link: Leave us alone! Hailey is criticized by Selena’s fans, who also face hate speech for them. But both stars have had enough. Each of them addressed a clear message to the governor within a few days. Hailey begs for peace Justin Bieber’s beautiful wife Hailey has been … Read more

“Sanatorium of Love 4”: Piotr kneels in front of Anna! “And I agreed”

Program “Sanatorium of love“shows people 60+ that life is worth enjoying. The heroes of previous TVP reality shows showed that they can also meet love in the program! The trailer for the new episode of the fourth series showed amazing scenes! Piotr from Piaseczno is 63 years old, comes from Piaseczno and he did not … Read more

Sri Lanka: government announces agreed preventive default – Politics

Sri Lanka today declared the temporary suspension of the payment of foreign debts. This was announced by the Ministry of Finance, explaining that it will seek to restructure its obligations through an adjustment program supported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The ministry also announced that the government is developing emergency measures to prevent a … Read more

Demands war criminal case – Russian soldiers must have agreed to murder – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

On Friday, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said a war crimes trial should be launched against Russian military and political leaders. Where Spiegel and Reuters believe the statement is a call for both President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to be brought before a war crimes tribunal. The findings of, among others, tied up, … Read more

Russia must bear the consequences of starting a war against Ukraine, the senators agreed

“The killing of civilians in Buč bears the hallmarks of a war crime under international law,” the resolution said. Almost identical, the House adopted unanimously on Tuesday. Senators, as well as deputies, called for the enforcement of further anti-Russian sanctions, to prevent the activities of Russian secret services in the Czech Republic and the EU, … Read more

the tragedy could have been avoided… if the College had agreed to remove the level crossings!

Posted on Thursday, April 7, 2022 at 10:18 a.m. In 2020, the Municipal College had the opportunity to respond positively to a request for the removal of a level crossing on its territory. A dramatic accident occurred Sunday evening, at the level of the level crossing of the rue de Tournai, in Estaimbourg. According to … Read more