FilGoal | News | Ahmed Sami reveals the fact that Ceramica Cleopatra duo signed for Al-Ahly

Ahmed Sami, the technical director of Ceramica Cleopatra team, stressed that he does not know anything about the signing of his players Shadi Hussein and Mustafa Messi for Al-Ahly. Ceramica Cleopatra tied with Enppi without goals in the 30th round of the Egyptian League. Ahmed Sami said in statements to Ontime Sports: “Signing Shadi Hussein … Read more

Al-Ittihad of Alexandria against Al-Ahly .. Ahmed Sayed Gharib glows in the “youth bet” (video)

Al-Ahly succeeded in his bold test, during his first match in the Egyptian League, after the decision of his administration headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib to complete the competition with young people and returning from injuries. Al-Ahly won a wide victory over Al-Ittihad of Alexandria by 3-0 in the match that was held at the Burj … Read more

The star of Egypt, Ahmed Al-Kas, to “Al-Diyar”: Saleh Selim told me, “It is not my habit to go down to anyone, and because you are a talented player, I waived to meet you.” – Samer Al-Halabi

Subscribe to Al Diyar YouTube channel for free Ahmed El Kass is considered one of the most prominent stars that the Egyptian and Arab football fields gave birth to. His name rose early through the Alexandria Olympic Club, so Zamalek club kidnapped him after Al-Ahly tried to “make his love,” but he had given “a … Read more

When they asked Zina why she was unable to remarry after Ahmed Ezz, she boldly and shamelessly revealed her special situation!

The Egyptian star, Zina, revealed the reason for not marrying for the second time after her famous crisis with the artist Ahmed Ezz, which ended with her obtaining a ruling to prove the lineage of her twins from him. She explained that the matter is a division and a pending share: “There are more beautiful … Read more

The secrets and secrets of the night that Ahmed Abu Hashima met with Yasmine Sabry after the divorce.. What he did will not believe your mind!

2022/08/02 It’s 01:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The name of the Egyptian artist Yasmine Sabry and businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima was released on social media, after news of their meeting spread for the first time, about two months after the separation, after they attended the star Amr Diab’s concert on the North Coast. … Read more

Ahmed Azirar: The national economy remains resilient but until when?

For Ahmed Azirar, “those who believe that the inflationary cycle will bend very quickly risk being disappointed”. In this interview, Ahmed Azirar, economist, founder of the Moroccan Association of Business Economists, considers that the national economy remains resilient, but this resilience will be put to the test by the evolution of the global and internal … Read more

She stopped eating only two things… A fast-acting diet. Maha Ahmed lost 50 kilos within weeks… A shock after her appearance with remarkable grace, and this is what she used to do daily!!

The artist, Maha Ahmed, became famous as Kabuza due to her extra weight and confirmed that since her birth she goes to doctors to lose weight, which caused her to have a friendship relationship with all doctors in this field. Maha Ahmed surprised her fans recently, by losing a lot of extra kilograms, and appearing … Read more

When they asked Sumaya al-Khashab about the reason for her divorce, she exposed what Ahmed Saad was doing every night without an iota of shame and she could no longer bear it.!!

The artist, Sumaya al-Khashab, recently caused an uproar after a response to one of her followers on her Twitter account when he asked her how to overcome the crisis of her divorce from the artist Ahmed Saad. Al-Khashab said: The artist did Move On How, to reply Somaya Al-Khashab: No, Move On was easy, and … Read more

Anzio, the brother of the killer married to the daughter of the boss Gallace: the dark side of Ahmed Ed Drissi

There is a name that recurs in the story of the two Maghrebi brothers, Adam and Ahmed Ed Drissiaccused in competition of the boxer’s murder Leonardo Muratovic. And the name “Gallace” is that of the powerful – and branched – gang of ‘Ndrangheta that from Guardavalle, in the province of Cosenza, already at the end … Read more

Ahmed Abu Hashima’s words about his ex-wife, Yasmine Sabry, melted the Arab anchor with admiration!!

The response of businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima and Haditha for the first time about the artist, Yasmine Sabry, after their separation, aroused the admiration of the Arab media, “Sarah El-Dandarawy”. All of this came during the businessman’s participation on the “Your Interaction” program, which is broadcast on the “Al Arabiya” channel. In the meeting, he … Read more