Badminton Australia Open 2022 Schedule, Fajar/Rian and Ahsan/Hendra Appear, Live Broadcast on INews TV?

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – After the Hylo Open 2022, the world’s badminton players are preparing for another BWF event. Listen Badminton Schedule Australia Open 2022. Interestingly, Australia Open 2022 which probably also will Live INews TV it was followed by Indonesia’s top badminton players. Ada Dawn/Rian, Ahsan/Hendra, Jonathan Christie until Anthony Ginting. The Australian Open 2022 is the BWF super 300 badminton … Read more

Australian Open 2022: Schedule, Points, Drawing for Indonesian Representatives, Prizes, Super How much? There is Ahsan/Hendra – Here is the information Australian Open 2022 complete timetable, poin, drawing representative Indonesiagifts up to super how much? Turnamen badminton Australian Open 2022 is the last match in a series BWF World Tour Finals 2022. Athletes competing in Australian Open 2022 can add poin to make sure you pass to BWF World Tour … Read more

Race to Guangzhou Ranking Update – Ahsan/Hendra Followed by Fajar/Rian, Apriyani/Fadia at Ujung Tanduk

PBSI.ID Indonesian men’s doubles, Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan when appearing in the first round of the French Open 2022, Tuesday (25/10/2022) BOLASPORT.COM – Men’s doubles pair Indonesia, Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawanhas already secured a place at the 2022 BWF World Tour Finals. Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan It is certain that he will accompany Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto to … Read more

Whisper Ahsan/Hendra to the World Champion Pair: I Have 3 Yes

PP PBSI Indonesian men’s doubles pair, Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan, Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto on the podium of the 2022 World Championship at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium, Sunday (28/8/2022). BOLASPORT.COM – As world champion, Aaron Chia/Soh Wooi Yikunraveling the speech thrown by Ganda Putra Indonesia, Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan on the podium at the 2022 World Championship. … Read more

Age Doesn’t Stop Ahsan/Hendra from Adding To BWF World Tour Title Collection

BAGAS REZA MURTI/BOLASPORT.COM Men’s doubles pair, Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan, during the Meet and Greet event at Waroeng Steak and Shake, Seturan, Yogyakarta, 24 September 2022. BOLASPORT.COM – Indonesian men’s doubles pair, Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan still eager to pursue the title in the continuation of the BWF World Tour 2022. Currently the world’s top … Read more

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Ahsan/Hendra – After the Asian Games for Young People, but the Olympics is a Different Story

BAGAS REZA MURTI/BOLASPORT.COM Indonesian men’s doubles pair, Hendra Setiawan and Mohammad Ahsan, serve autograph requests from fans at the Meet and Greet event at Waroeng Steak, Yogyakarta, 24 September 2022. BOLASPORT.COM – Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan gave a different face in the midst of the abundant stock of strong Indonesian pairs in the men’s doubles. At … Read more

Those who have strong ties to the world championship, Ahsan/Hendra are among them

PBSI.ID Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan pose after winning the semifinals of the Malaysia Masters 2022, Saturday (9/7/2022) BOLASPORT.COM – Big tournaments like World Championship usually presents a surprise when the dark horse player beats the seed. However, for these champions to bring home the medal as if it was fate because it was certain. Men’s doubles … Read more

2022 World Championship Draw – Marcus/Kevin Faced Early War Against Fajar/Rian and Ahsan/Hendra

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM Indonesian men’s doubles pair, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, in action at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, 9 June 2022. BOLASPORT.COM – Draw results 2022 World Championship not too friendly for Indonesia with one of the mainstay sectors, men’s doubles. The gathering of mainstay pairs in the same pool is the … Read more

BWF Wins Indonesian Men’s Doubles, Badminton World Champion 2022, Not Marcus-Kevin or Ahsan-Hendra…..

HALOYOUTH-Sector competition men’s doubles on 2022 Badminton World Championship quite fierce. Not without reason, a number of star-studded players will join in to enliven 2022 Badminton World Championship. 2022 Badminton World Championship or the World Badminton Championships (WBC) will take place from August 22 to 28 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. World Badminton Federation (BWF) … Read more

Fajar Alfian and Rian Ardianto Reveal the Figure of Mohammad Ahsan-Hendra Setiawan, Fajri: Really…..

HALOYOUTH– Couple Dawn Alfian–Muhammad Rian Ardianto dismantle the senior figure Mohammad Ahsan–Hendra Setiawan. Dawn Alfian–Muhammad Rian Ardianto is one of the best men’s doubles owned by Indonesia Fajri familiar greeting Dawn Alfian–Muhammad Rian Ardianto has incised various achievement at the world level. Nice achievement Fajri made their position shine in the BWF ranking by being … Read more