Denmark will provide € 22 million in aid to Ukraine, seeing the population affected by the conflict with Russia

The assistance is aimed at strengthening Ukraine’s resistance and its capacity to deal with the consequences of the protracted armed conflict in the east of the country. The decision to help was made after the visit of the Danish Foreign Minister Jepes Kofod to the conflict zone in the east of Ukraine, where government soldiers … Read more

Chen Yingjun 17+10 new aid Liv 10 points, Guangzhou captures Sichuan and wins four consecutive victories_Mason_Hadadi_CBA

Original title: Chen Yingjun 17+10 new aid Lifu 10 points, Guangzhou captures Sichuan and wins four consecutive victories On January 13, Beijing time, in the 22nd round of the 2021-22 CBA regular season, the Sichuan Men’s Basketball Team played against the Guangzhou Men’s Basketball Team. In this game, Guangzhou took the lead to establish a … Read more

New support from Mise, aid on the way: that’s who

The government is working on a “ter” Support Decree with new compensation to be allocated to the various sectors in economic difficulty, but in the meantime the Mise makes other resources operational for the activities still in crisis since the previous Sostegni bis Decree. In fact, the ministry led by Giancarlo Giorgetti has released 190 … Read more

EU rules on gas. So Italy risks saying goodbye to 10 billion in aid

The stringent European classification rules stigmatized at the moment in the draft of the Green Deal Commission could leave Italy out of the list of financial benefits: a spending commitment of around 10 billion that should come from the EU but which instead would remain in the coffers of Brussels excluding our country from the … Read more

Warsaw blocks aid to migrants, MSF leaves Poland

<!––> The Palazzo del Campidoglio lit up in green for the “Green Lanterns” awareness initiative, a mobilization born at the Polish border to help refugees and relaunched in Italy by Avvenire. But the government of Poland insists with its hard line against people stuck in the cold, who need help – Ansa While in Italy … Read more

PDIP Solo Chairperson Says Puan Didn’t Participate in Sending Rice Aid to Dapil

Solo, CNN Indonesia — All members of the Indonesian House of Representatives from the faction PDIP required to distribute rice packages with pictures of the Chairman of the DPR RI, Mrs. Maharani. Chairman of the Branch Board of Directors (DPC) PDIP SoloFX Hadi Rudyatmo said that Puan did not participate in sending aid to the … Read more

the schedule of aid payments in 2022

RSA, activity bonus, APL, family support allowance or disability assistance, each year, the CAF (Family allowance fund) pays financial assistance to millions of French people. Usually, the aid is paid on the 5th of the following month. Example: if you are eligible for assistance in February, it will be paid to you on March 5. … Read more

DHF in Bangkalan Meningkat, Recognize Symptoms and First Aid –

Head of Bangkalan Health Office Sudiyo, BANGKALAN – Patients with Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever in Bangkalan Regency, East Java continue to increase. Until December 2022, the Bangkalan Health Service recorded the number of sufferers reached 111 people. Head of the Bangkalan Health Office, Sudiyo, shared tips on how to recognize the symptoms of DHF and … Read more

North Darfur food aid halted after looting, 2 million people hit

After attacks on three food depots in the Sudanese state of North Darfur, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is forced to stop there immediately. The forced decision is expected to affect about two million people. In the evening of December 28, the attacks began in the capital, El Fasher. They continued until the … Read more

Avivato who with COVID-19 aid bought Rolex, Gucci, Chanel and a Lamborghini would pay a heavy penalty | World

A man who used the money to help entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic in the United States. to wear Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel garments and also buy a Lamborghini, appeared this Wednesday in a Florida court that accuses him of various charges of fraud , reported the Prosecutor’s Office. Valesky Barosy, 27, uUsed a … Read more