First Aid for Food Poisoning, Don’t Take Nausea Medicine

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Poisoning food can happen to anyone. Get to know first aid food poisoning so as not to misstep. Food poisoning is a condition in which an unknown pathogen enters the body. This condition can last for several hours or days. Food poisoning is often diagnosed through the symptoms that appear. Some … Read more

USA. The Pentagon announced a new military aid package for Ukraine

The Pentagon announced on Monday a new billion-dollar military aid package for Ukraine. The tranche included, among others, ammunition for the HIMARS missile artillery systems and NASAMS air defense systems. Colin Kahl, Undersecretary of Defense USA for political affairs at Monday’s press conference, presenting a new package of military aid for Ukrainysaid it was crucial … Read more

Germany blocks 8 billion in EU aid to Ukraine. Zelensky’s Fury: “A Crime”

“I remind some leaders of the European Union that our retirees, our displaced people, our teachers and other people” cannot be “held hostage by their indecision or by their bureaucracy”, this is “a crime”. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky did not mince words in his last speech to the population to express all his anger at … Read more

Ukraine received four Su-25 jets. Aid came from North Macedonia.

Four SU-25 military aircraft, which North Macedonia bought from Ukraine during the 2001 conflict for four million euros, went back to Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense of North Macedonia has neither denied nor confirmed this information. During the conflict in what is now North Macedonia in June 2001, the local government bought four from Ukraine … Read more

Marco Cappato is under investigation for suicide aid, after having reported himself

On Thursday, the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office entered Marco Cappato, politician and activist of the Luca Coscioni association, in the register of suspects, who yesterday had self-reported to the carabinieri for having accompanied him to Switzerland Elena, a Venetian woman who in Italy could not access assisted suicide. Elena died on Wednesday, the way she … Read more

Warns against electricity aid for businesses: – Then the price will be pushed up even further – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Small and medium-sized businesses may soon be able to look forward to help with their electricity bills. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said at least on Wednesday that The government is working on the matter. But one of the country’s foremost experts on the electricity market recalls that companies are struggling because there is a … Read more

Dl aid bis: the figure of the expert professor arrives, he will have 5,650 euros more in his paycheck – Chronicle

A review of the rules on continuing education for teachersjust introduced with the reform linked to Pnrrand the birth of the figure of the “expert teacher“who will earn 5,650 euros more in the form of an” ad personam annual check “. I prof” experts “ncannot be more than 8 thousand and will be selected from … Read more

Aid decree, water, electricity and gas bills also with corporate welfare

An additional cut in labor taxes from July of 1% for incomes under 35 thousand euros. The 2% revaluation of all pensions since October. The renewal of discounts on bills until the end of the year. The cut in excise duties on petrol until the end of October. And again: the extension of the 200 … Read more

France has already lost € 1.2 billion in aid due to bird flu

Editorial Ruud Peijs correspondent in Great Britain, Ireland and France €800 million went to direct aid while a further €300 million was paid in contributions to improve biosecurity in the sector. The French ministry of agriculture has already spent € 1.2 billion in support for farmers and companies affected by the large bird flu epidemic. … Read more