VIDEO. Aïda Samb’s co-wife confirms their well-being: “Aïda may yayam …” (video)

The first wife of billionaire Abass Jarju, is a great lady. Come to attend the concert of Wally Ballago Seck in Gambia, she gives a moving testimony about Aïda Samb.The co-wife of the singer with the golden voice, arrived in a beautiful very classy dress. “It was Aïda Samb who gave me this dress. She … Read more

A lot of Serbian politicians have pushed for Aida not to shoot, says the author of the film awarded the European Film Award

The film, which will take viewers to the center of the tragic events in Srebrenica in 1995, won the European Film Award to the lead actress Jasná Duričićová and directed by Žbanićová herself. “And with or without a prize, the film is still the same. But every nomination and every award will help to talk … Read more

Angry in full live, Aida Samb puts this actor in his place, “his class gui you bone rk guéni wakh…” (video)

Guest of the program “Guddi gui” on the Dtv, Aida Samb, recently married, did not appreciate a question on the households of Senegalese singers. Live, she put the actor Mbaye Kouthia in his place. Present on the set of “Guddi Gui”, Mbaye Kouthia managed to get Aida Samb out of his gongs with an annoying … Read more

Enervated, Aida Samb tackles Mbaye Kouthia: “Dolen wakh lou bakh, lou bone rek ak di féwalé rek”

Aida Samb was very upset because of the annoying question from Mbaye Kouthia. While she was invited to the show “Guddi Gui”, the singer put the actor in his place. “Why don’t singers last in their household? “. This question from Mbaye to Aida Samb who just got married was awkward according to the singer. … Read more

Cheikh Sarr’s wise advice to Aida Samb who bursts into tears (audio)

Married to a Gambian billionaire, singer Aïda Samb burst into tears under the wise advice of Zik Fm host Cheikh Sarr. As a reminder, after several Senegalese artists who dedicated a song to their husband, the most famous of which is that of Kiné Lam, Aida Samb shared the feelings he has for her husband. … Read more

Aida Samb: “My husband is a gift from God”

The title “Dieukeur sama” by Aida Samb is dedicated to her husband. Renewed feelings towards this gift from God. After several Senegalese artists who dedicated a song to their husband, the most famous of which is that of Kiné Lam, Aida Samb shared his feelings that he has for her husband. “Dieukeur sama” materializes this … Read more

Aída Martínez frustrated by not being able to return to motorcycling web eye farandula | EYE-SHOW

Updated 10/17/2021 05:57 pm Strong declarations! Aída Martínez She used her social networks to share with her followers how frustrated she feels not being able to do one of the sports that she has been most passionate about since she was very young: motorcycling. What would be the reason? “I want to tell you that … Read more

Magaly Medina: who is Gianmarco Mendoza son who marks his distance from the ‘magpie’ away from TV: Are they fighting? Magaly TV La Firme Aída Martínez farándula | SHOWS

ARREMETEN AGAINST URRACA. In the last days, Aída Martínez declared ‘war’ on Magaly Medina when talking about an intimate issue such as the relationship between the driver and her son Gianmarco Mendoza. The influencer lashed out by making it clear that the entertainment journalist and her only son would not have a good bond, however, … Read more

Magaly Medina describes Aída Martínez as ‘woman …’ and ‘poor devil’ for talking about her son Gianmarco Mendoza | Farándula | SHOWS

LA URRACA EXPLODED. Magaly Medina was furious after Aída Martínez indicated that the redhead does not enjoy the affection of her son Gianmarco. The driver unleashed her fury and called her ‘poor devil’ and ‘slut’ as it indicates that the Arequipa has spoken without evidence. See also: Mirella Paz accuses a taxi driver of stealing … Read more