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Two years ago, a group of like-minded people joined forces and knowledge to create an adventure and nature therapy that had not been practiced in Latvia before, and which has already gained considerable popularity in the world. What and how we can treat with the help of such therapy, we explain in the program How … Read more

2 common ailments seriously put the heart at risk

If so sleeps little, badly and for long periods there is a risk of developing cardiovascular disease.Sleep is essential for the well-being of our body.People with severe insomnia complain of daytime sleepiness, an inability to carry out daily activities, and often anxiety and depression as well.In this article, we explain why 2 common ailments seriously … Read more

Strautiņš: Virus exposes economic ailments – Comments – Financenet

According to the flash estimate published by the CSB, in the second quarter of 2020, annual GDP decreased by 9.8%. The fall in GDP is slightly larger than might have been expected on the basis of the information available, but it is not surprising that the uncertainty is very high. In addition, according to the … Read more