Akmal Marhali Calls Jordi a great deal to ASEAN because it doesn’t sell in Europe

GenPI.co – Koordinator Save Our Soccer, Akmal Marhali | provide feedback regarding the career of naturalized Indonesian player Jordi Amat which ended with the Belgian team, KAS Eupen. For information, Jordi Amat is rumored to be making a career at ASEAN after his contract was not extended at KAS Eupen. Akmal said he didn’t want … Read more

PSSI Sues Najwa’s Eye Program As a Result of the Surabaya Bonek Revolution Action, Football Observer Delivers a Shocking Message!

ATTACK NEWS – Coordinator Save Our Soccer, Akmal Marhali | criticizing the Referee Committee’s move PSSI Ahmad Riyadh | report the program Mata Najwa to the Police Akmal Marhali | say, instead of thanking all parties willing to unpack the practice match fixing in Indonesian football competition, PSSI via statement Ahmad Riyadh | even threatened … Read more