Lidl and ALDI continue to sell ‘problematic’ Spanish strawberries

In recent weeks there has been a lot to do about the Spanish strawberries coming from Huelva Andalusia come. The problem is that there is a German campaign against these strawberry sales in Germany because there is a drought and the regional government of Andalusia plans to change the law to get more water from … Read more

Aldi opens a temporary outlet in Braine-le-Comte

From Tuesday May 30, Aldi will open a temporary outlet space at the back of its store in Braine-le-Comte, Chaussée de Bruxelles. In this outlet section, which will be located in the reserve, customers will find interesting offers at heavily reduced prices. Customers can access the outlet section through the usual entrance to the store, … Read more

Aldi Taher’s hilarious answers during an interview about legislative candidates, presenter to istighfar

Saturday, May 27 2023 – 08:48 WIB VIVA Trending – No Aldi Taher since last Friday, March 26, 2023 until now it is still a trending topic on Twitter. This is because of the answers hilarious at the interview. In fact, some netizens claim to be amused. It is known that the artist Aldi Taher … Read more

Aldi Taher is listed as a legislative candidate from the PBB and the Perindo Party, this is the KPU’s response, Jakarta – Artis Aldi Taher it turned out that he was registered as a candidate for legislative members for the 2024 election from two different parties, namely the Crescent Star Party (PBB) and Perindo Party. General Election Commissions (KPU) DKI Jakarta also spoke about this problem. KPU commissioner for Technical Implementation of Elections, Nurdin … Read more

Aldi was shot dead, Brigadier Kharisma apparently brought his junior long barrel

Jakarta – A resident of Wuni, Gunungkidul, DIY, Aldi Apriyanto (19), was shot dead by the rifle he was using. Brigadier Muhammad Kharisma (28). The weapon used by Brigadier Kharisma was brought by his juniors. Propam Polda DIY is now exploring the elements of violations related to the incident. From the police statement, the SS1 … Read more

Drama in the Aldi in Wandre: a man collapsed while shopping, he died on the spot

A tragedy occurred in the Aldi supermarket in Wandre this Friday, report our colleagues from Sudinfo. Around 4 p.m., residents saw many vehicles in the sign’s parking lot. Many believed in a robbery, but it turns out that another tragedy took place. An elderly man died while shopping. He suddenly collapsed on the shelves of … Read more

Deceptive packaging causes price increases to go unnoticed

Attentive customers should have already noticed that the price for cut flowers at Aldi Süd has increased. But there was also cheating elsewhere. In order not to scare off customers with price increases, manufacturers and supermarkets are finding creative ways that are not immediately apparent to consumers. Often only the content of a product is … Read more