Janet Barboza insults Rodrigo Cuba ampay Ale Venturo LIVE VIDEO: “You’re a badly done eyesore and a two-legged rat” entertainment | SHOWS

GODS WITH POLE. Janet Barboza did not tolerate the images of the ampay of Rodrigo Cuba with a woman in a nightclub in Piura and attacked the footballer for alleged infidelity to Ale Venturo. The host of ‘América Hoy’ insulted him by calling him a “two-legged rat.” READ ALSO: Rodrigo González exposes video of Magaly … Read more

Rodrigo Cuba talks publicly about his new baby with Ale Venturo: “My goals are for my daughter and the next one is on the way” Melissa Paredes entertainment | SHOWS

IT ALREADY MAKES IT OFFICIAL. Rodrigo Cuba y Ale Venturo they shared intimate photos showing the ‘belly’ of her pregnancy. Given this, the ‘Cat’ has also decided to break his silence publicly and talk about the next baby on the way. READ ALSO: Magaly ‘buries’ Ale Venturo due to pregnancy and believes it is very … Read more

Did Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba rule on Ale Venturo’s pregnancy rumors? Instagram RMMN EMCC | SHOWS

Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba He caught the attention then reappeared on his social networks amid rumors that he would be expecting a baby with his partner, businesswoman Ale Venturo. The Sport Boys club footballer shared a reflection on his Instagram story that he accompanied with an image of the classic story of The Little Prince. “Beautiful … Read more

Natalie Vértiz: This was said about Ale Venturo’s alleged pregnancy | VIDEO | Rodrigo Gato Cuba | You are in All | NMRI EMCC | SHOWS

In the recent edition of “You are in all of them”, Natalie Vertiz She was surprised after ‘Choca’ Mandros asked her if the rumors that her best friend, Ale Venturo, is expecting a baby from Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba are true. “Friend, here between us I have to ask you, you who are a friend of … Read more

“Liar”: Neme destroys Ale Valle in reaction to a sexual act at an Approve Transformar event | TV and Show

The journalist harshly criticized the host of the event that took place in Valparaíso. Likewise, he also launched himself against the organizers by disassociating himself from the controversial show. A strong controversy caused this weekend the performance of the group “Las Indetectables”, in an act in Valparaíso, of Approve Transformar, a fact that earned the … Read more

Ale Venturo shocked by the death of her stepfather: “See you always darling, rest in peace buddy” | Rodrigo Cuba | entertainment | SHOWS

Ale Venturocurrent partner of Rodrigo Cuba, used his social networks to announce the death of his stepfather, Manuel Joaquín Martínez de Pinillos Chocano. Almost two weeks ago The couple, through their Instagram stories, asked for blood donations for him, since he was in a complicated health situation. MIRA: El ‘Gato’ Cuba promotes sexual enhancer on … Read more

Ale Venturo shocked by the death of her stepfather: “See you always darling. Thank you for loving us so much”

sad moment After going through several difficult weeks, the handsome couple of Rodrigo Cuba, Alexandra will comepublicly revealed that he lost his stepfather, Joaquín Martínez de Pinillos Chocano, who suffered serious health complications. “Goodbye sweetheart, I love you very much, you have been a good man, thanks for everything, thanks for loving us so much, … Read more

Paoloski’s transphobic “joke” that not even Matías Alé understood and deserved the repudiation of the networks

Despite the evolution of society in matters of gender and sexuality, there are some communicators who sadly have not understood anything. That was the case of Germán Paoloski who still considers a joke about a trans person “funny”. Matías Alé, the guest of the program, heard the alleged joke and remained silent and then smiled … Read more

Rodrigo Cuba praises couple Ale Venturo indirectly Melissa Paredes: “She is sweet, sincere and my family has liked her very much” entertainment | SHOWS

Rodrigo Cuba He appeared again on television in an extended interview with the program ‘Amor y Fuego’. The footballer talked about his ex-wife Melissa Paredesof the closeness that his daughter has with ‘Activator’ Anthony Aranda and his current love, the businesswoman Ale Venturo. READ ALSO: Rodrigo Cuba shows his remodeled apartment to ‘Amor y Fuego’ … Read more