Erbanová will not go to the Olympics as a hockey player, she did not get to the final nomination

Twenty-one hockey players, who took part in the women’s national team’s progress to the Olympic Games in November, coached coach Pac Pacina in the final nomination for the February tournament in Beijing. The bronze Olympic speed skating medalist Karolína Erbanová and Andrea Trnková did not fit into the squad, and Tereza Vanišová and Michaela Pejzová … Read more

Czechs at the Olympics? Beauty look. And the process doesn’t end there, it sounds from the cabin

After the victory over Hungary in the Olympic qualification, the Czech hockey players will play at the Winter Games for the first time in history. And according to Captain Alena Mills, they even plan to attack the medal. “It’s a child’s dream come true. I think it’s a great success for women’s hockey and a … Read more