Amazon’s plan: Alexa will be able to repeat anyone’s voice

Alexa events. Photo by Mike Blake (Reuters / Scanpix) Technology company Amazon says its voice-activated digital assistant Alexa will be able to replicate any human voice. This week, Rohit Prasad, Amazon’s senior vice president, announced at a company conference in Las Vegas. According to him, the purpose of this function is to make memories remain … Read more

A “scary” feature… Alexa soon speaks in the voices of the dead

Amazon announced that it will allow a new feature in the virtual assistant “Alexa” device, which is the ability to speak in the voice of a person who has passed away, according to what was reported by the site “Alexa”.NPR“. “While AI can’t eliminate the pain of loss, it certainly can make their memories last,” … Read more

Alexa Dellanos exhibits her curves in string thong and bra with transparencies

Alexa Dellanos. Photo: Alberto E. Tamargo. / Grosby Group Alexa Dellanos She has established herself as one of the most desired young people on Instagram. Through her hot content, the renowned model and lifestyle influencer continues to arouse low passions among his more than 9.2 million followers. On this occasion, the daughter of Myrka Dellanos … Read more

Amazon wants digital assistant Alexa to imitate the voice of the deceased | NOW

Amazon is working on a feature for its digital assistant Alexa that will allow the device to imitate a human’s voice. That takes less than a minute of audio from that person. With the function, for example, it is possible to make Alexa sound like a deceased loved one. The company showed the possibility in … Read more

Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, will be able to speak with the voice of the deceased Business

According to Amazon, by imitating the voice of anyone heard, Alexa will be able to “make memories eternal.” The company is developing a technology that will allow its digital assistant, Alexa, to mimic the voice of anyone from an audio recording of less than a minute, chief scientist Rohitas Prasad said on Wednesday. He added … Read more

Amazon Alexa Can Emulate Dead Family Voices

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Amazon plans to improve Alexa’s capabilities. Later the voice assistant can use the voices of the family, including those who have died. At Amazon’s Re:Mars conference in Las Vegas, Alexa’s Senior Vice President and chief scientist Rohit Prasad explained in detail about the new feature. In one video, a child asks … Read more

Alexa Dellanos poses on the stairs, wearing tight latex pants

Alexa Dellanos. Foto: Grosby Group / Grosby Group Alexa Dellanos He really likes going out at night, and now he shared on his account Instagram some photographs that show her wearing a sexy outfit made up of a minitop with gloved sleeves and tight black latex pants that outlined her figure to the fullest. She … Read more

Real Madrid continue to prepare for the Champions League final

COACHING. Photographer: Helios de la Rubia Real Madrid continue to prepare for the Champions League final Our team will face Liverpool at the Stade de France (Saturday, 9 p.m.). The team trained at Real Madrid City and completed their third training session of the week in preparation for the Champions League final, in which they … Read more

New session to prepare for the UEFA Open Media Day final

ENTRAÎNEMENT. Barbara Jimenez. Photographer: Antonio Villalba/Helios de la Rubia New session to prepare for the UEFA Open Media Day final The squad practiced at Real Madrid City with their heads turned towards Saturday’s game against Liverpool. The team practiced at Real Madrid City during theUEFA Open Media Day and did her second training of the … Read more