The precious Christmas messages of the famous Cubans in this 2020

| 24/12/2020 – 10:09am (GMT-4) Christmas has come to this 2020 that is almost coming to an end and like every December the messages of congratulations and good wishes for this time of year from the celebrities they have started to flood social media. Famous Cubans have not forgotten this important date and have joined … Read more

“No one I can remove the right of singing in my country”

27 | 26/06/2020 – 10:04am (GMT-4) The cuban singer Alexander Delgado, director of the popular duo Gente de Zonasaid that, despite the controversy that sparked his last concert in Cuba, nobody can take away the right of return to be filed in their native land. “Of course, (I will sing in Cuba), to me no … Read more