Vikings: Lagertha’s loves, plus Ragnar

Although the most important team in the Vikings series has been more related to Ragnar and all the fans yearned for their reconciliation, Lagertha He had several intense loves during the six seasons that the history of Viking culture has lasted. In the first season of the plot created and produced by History Channel, Lagertha … Read more

Vikings: The Truths of the Scene where Ragnar Lothbrok Dies Were the Serpents Real?

One of the most memorable episodes for fans of the Vikings series is the one that was lived in the fourth season where the main character dies until then, the Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok. Travis Fimmel, an actor who gave life to Lagertha’s husband, lived through the most intense, emotional and even epic moments in … Read more

Vikings: The story of the young Latino who managed to be part of the cast of the series

Motivated to try new life experiences in another country, a young latino by name Hernán Maschwitz He decided to emigrate from his native Argentina to go to Dublin. What you would never imagine is that fate had prepared a participation in your Favorite Vikings series, History Channel original. The 27 year old man He told … Read more

5 facts that will change your perspective of the Vikings series

The sixth and final season of Vikings it is nearing completion. However, data and curiosities of history still appear that leave us more hooked on the plot. Recently, the actress Katheryn Winnick, who played the warrior Lagertha, revealed interesting information about this great production of History Channel, which broadcasts FOX Premium and you can also … Read more