Russian court condemns opponent Navalni for “defamation”: could go to a labor camp | International

The russian justice twice this Saturday condemned opponent Alexéi Navalni, sanctioning him in one case for “defamation” and, in another, confirming his prison sentence, which he could serve in a Work field. The 44-year-old anti-corruption activist and opponent, known for his investigations into the fortunes of Russian elites, was sentenced to his first long-term sentence … Read more

Biden Says US Will No Longer “Submit” to Russia | WORLD

President Joe Biden said U.S will no longer “submit to the aggressive actions of Russia”And demanded the release of the jailed opposition leader Alexéi Navalni. He also vowed to counter the “authoritarianism” of both China and Moscow, insisting on his desire to break with Donald Trump’s stance towards Russia. The United States must “stand there … Read more

Navalni supporters carry out new wave of protests in Russia: more than 4,400 arrested | International

Supporters of Alexéi Navalni, they kept the pulse of the president today Vladimir Putin with protests throughout Russia to demand the release of the opposition leader and express their outrage with the economic and social situation in the country, and they did so amid the repression and the arrest of more than 4,400 people. “I … Read more

Navalni supporters face Putin despite repression and more than 2,000 arrests | International

Followers of the Russian opponent Alexéi Navalni, in preventive detention for six days, took to the streets of a hundred cities in Russia to challenge the president Vladimir Putin despite the violent repression by the police and the more than 2,000 arrests throughout the country. “We are not satisfied with Putin’s policy, I am a … Read more

Doctors deny trace of poison in the blood of Russian opponent Alexei Navalni and reject his transfer | International

Has not been discovered “No poison” in the body of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni, admitted very seriously to a hospital in Siberia, according to the doctors, who stressed that your status is “unstable” and you cannot be transferred abroad, as their relatives wish. “So far no poison has been identified in the blood … Read more