Putin Critics Allegedly Poisoned Intends to Return to Russia Page all

BERLIN, KOMPAS.com – Alexei Navalny, leader of the opposition Russia who became the vocal critic of President Vladimir Putin, reportedly intending to return after he regained his sanity. This statement was made by his spokesman, after Navalny uploaded the moment he was in the hospital after being suspected poisoned last August. In a tweet on … Read more

“Hello, here is Navalny”: the first statement of the Russian opposition since the poisoning – Abroad – News

“Hello, this is Navalny. I miss you. I still don’t know anything, but yesterday I was able to breathe on my own all day. Totally the same. I do not use any external help, even the simplest valve in the neck. I really liked it. An amazing, underestimated process by many. I recommend it, ”writes … Read more

“Corruption is all around here.” The second material that Navalni was working on before the poisoning was published – Abroad – News

On August 20, while returning from Tomsk to Moscow, Navalny became ill on the plane. After an emergency landing in Omsk, he was unconsciously taken to hospital. Russian medics did not allow Navalny to be transported for several days, but in the end he was transported to the “Charite” clinic in Germany. The first story … Read more

“Lukashenko is a tough nut to crack.” In Belarus, they allegedly broadcast an alleged conversation between Berlin and Warsaw – ČT24 – Czech Television

The ONT presenter reported that Navalny was not poisoned and the whole event was just an operation to force Russia to stop “protecting the sovereignty and interests of Belarus in a situation of unprecedented external pressure on our country.” Lukashenko has long argued that the protests that have shaken the country since the August 9 … Read more

Trump: No reason to question Germany’s findings on Navalny poisoning – Abroad – News

A spokesman for the German government said on Wednesday that there was conclusive evidence that Navalny had been poisoned by a chemical nerve warfare agent belonging to the Novichok group. This was found in a toxicological analysis carried out by the Bundeswehr Special Laboratory, according to a statement by government spokesman Stefen Zeibert. “Based on … Read more

2 Dramatic Hours of Rescuing Alexei Navalny from Poisoning in the Sky of Siberia Page all

MOSCOW, KOMPAS.com – Opposition leader Russia Alexei Navalny is currently in a coma at a hospital in Berlin. The German authorities reveal that he was poisoned by Novhichok’s neurotoxin. He fell ill on a flight from Siberia to Moscow and the plane made an emergency landing in Omsk. Two days later, Russian officials allowed him … Read more

Naval poisoning is a violation of international law. From Germany is the call after the end of Nord Stream 2 – ČT24 – Czech Television

Navalny, a leading critic of the Kremlin, collapsed last month on his return flight from Siberia to Moscow. While Russian doctors claimed that laboratory tests did not show traces of the toxic substance, German experts concluded after Navalny’s transport to Berlin that the cause of the poisoning was beyond any doubt a newcomer. “Any use … Read more

NATO meeting on Friday will discuss Navalny poisoning – Abroad – News

The North Atlantic Council will meet on Friday, at the end of which NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will address the media. The alliance of 30 countries is expected to unanimously call on Russia to conduct a general investigation into the case, diplomats said. It is unlikely that the ambassadorial meeting will decide on more … Read more

Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Allegedly Toxic With Novichok Nerve Poison Page all

BERLIN, KOMPAS.com – Germany says it has “incontrovertible evidence” of an opposition leader Russia Alexei Navalny poisoned using nerve poison Novichok. This discovery comes two years after Soviet-era chemical weapons were also found in the body of Sergey Skripal, a former double agent of “Red Bear Country”. Currently, for the past two weeks, Alexei Navalny … Read more

Merkel calls Navalny ‘victim of assassination attempt’, Russia denies | NOW

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Wednesday that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was “the victim of an assassination attempt” after it became known that the nerve poison novichok was found in his body. Russia says Germany has no evidence for the claims. Merkel believes Russia will have to answer “tough questions” over the poisoning of … Read more