Health Russian opposition leader Navalny continues to decline | NOW

The health of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny continues to deteriorate, say his lawyers, who visited him on Wednesday in the penal camp where he is being held. The Kremlin critic has been on a hunger strike for a week to enforce medical treatment. Navalny suffers from severe back pain and complains of numb legs … Read more

Published a video with a prisoner from Navalny Abroad – Abroad – News

The video shows the time it was taken – on March 26 at three o’clock in the afternoon. Video has no sound. In the video, a man, described by Life as Navalny, walks around the room holding a cup in his hands and talks to a colonial employee. At the same time, “Life” writes that … Read more

Another doctor dies at Omsk hospital, where Navalny ended up after poisoning – Abroad – News

At the age of 63, Rustam Agishev, the head of the trauma and orthopedics department of the Omsk First Aid Hospital, has passed away. The official cause of death is stroke. Navalny was taken unconscious to this hospital last year. Opponents of the opposition continue to insist that the hospital administration and staff knew the … Read more

Ten reprimands imposed on Navalny in prison – Abroad – News

“You get two reprimands and you can go to the remand center, but this joke is unpleasant, the conditions there are close to torture,” Navalni said. Last week, Olavy’s lawyer Olga Mikhailova said that the opposition had been reprimanded for violating internal rules. “He may be subject to certain sanctions and will not be able … Read more

Navalny’s health condition is “satisfactory”, says Russian Penitentiary Service – Abroad – News

As the lawyer told the Russian media “Medusa”, on Tuesday Navalny had one leg numb, but before that he had a long back pain. At the end of last week, Navalny was examined by a hospital doctor, who gave him only two painkillers of the painkiller ibuprofen. He has not gotten better, the lawyer emphasized. … Read more

Navalnyj is in bad shape, says his lawyer

Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny is in an extremely unhappy state of health, his lawyer Olga Mikhailov told independent television Dožď after she was allowed to meet with the imprisoned opposition. The Pokrov Prison in the Vladimir region previously announced that the health of the opposition leader was satisfactory. She reacted to Wednesday’s announcement by … Read more

We no longer have any relations with the EU, Lavrov said during a visit to China – ČT24 – Czech Television

EU foreign ministers on Monday approved sanctions against certain individuals for human rights violations in China. It is aimed at the Chinese, who are responsible for treating minority Uyghurs, including closing them in concentration camps. In addition to the EU, sanctions have also been imposed by the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. Beijing responded … Read more

Russia’s relations with the EU are at an all-time low, Michel told ČTin – ČT24 – Czech Television

Michel, who chairs the EU leaders’ meetings, spoke with Putin ahead of the EU summit on Thursday and Friday via video conference. “He expressed the view that EU-Russia relations are at a historic juncture and reaffirmed the EU’s approach based on five key principles related to the EU’s fundamental values,” the Council said in a … Read more

Russia’s ambassador to Britain called relations between London and Moscow almost dead

Russia’s ambassador to Britain has accused the British government of violating its obligations under international treaties with its plan to increase its nuclear arsenal. According to Andrei Kelin, relations between Moscow and London are “almost dead”. Britain on Tuesday unveiled the revised post-Brexit foreign and defense policy priorities. The upper limit of the number of … Read more

Navalný was escorted from prison to prison, and his sentence will begin – ČT24 – Czech Television

In February, Navalny, who is seen as the main face of opposition to President Vladimir Putin and Kremlin policy, was changed by a court in February to a previously suspended suspended sentence. The opposition violated the condition of reporting regularly to the probation officer, which he could not do, because he was being treated in … Read more