Art and Haiku at Yoko Ono

Multifaceted. Yoko Ono (Tokyo, 1933) began her artistic practice in Japan in the early 1950s. His first approach to art was linked to the Gutai group, particularly in performance, happening and installation / Photo: Courtesy Editorial Alias ​​/ Art: Jesús Sánchez MEXICO CITY. More than 200 exercises of artistic and poetic action by the visual … Read more

Mamadi Condé alias Madic 100 border transferred to the central house in Conakry, his lawyer is worried

Prosecuted for threats, insults, attack on the fundamental interests of the nation, xenophobia, and incitement to revolt, the Guinean-Canadian was finally transferred to the central coronthia house on Thursday, November 26, according to his lawyer. It should be remembered that Madic 100 border worked several weeks at the Directorate of the Judicial Police before he … Read more

They capture a ‘narcocantante’ from salsa Shock, partner of alias Guacho – Investigative Unit

The shock salsa singer-songwriter Luis Adrián Valencia Padilla, known in Cali, Tumaco and Pasto as JGenio, stopped singing last Thursday.In a secret operation, executed by officers from the SIU of the Dijín, with the support of DEA agents, he was captured on a street in Tumaco, when he was mobilizing on a motorcycle and they … Read more

In an ambulance, alias Nelson, one of the most wanted bandits in northern Cauca, was captured

In Cali, units of the Army’s Third Division, with the support of the Police, captured Norbey Dagua, alias ‘Nelson’, indicated by the authorities by the homicide of several indigenous people in the department of Cauca. “Alias ​​’Nelson’ had been injured in combats against troops from Rapid Deployment Force Number 4, after attacking the municipality of … Read more

On video | Coup to drug trafficking: they capture alias Humito in Barranquilla

Two years of investigations and a string of seizures of narcotics shipments resulted in the dismantling by the authorities of a criminal structure dedicated to drug trafficking which had alliances with the ELN, ‘los Pachenca’ and ‘la Silla’. According to official information, the operation ‘San Jerónimo’, It was advanced by the National Navy and the … Read more

Zurich: Pöschwies is upgrading the area because of Brian, alias “Carlos”

LOOK 1/5 Brian gained fame across Switzerland through the “Carlos” case. keystone 2/5 Brian is now in the Pöschwies prison. Screenshot SRF 3/5 The relationship between the now 24-year-old and the supervisors is said to be still extremely tense. Keystone 4/5 The Pöschwies prison in Zurich is being rebuilt for over 1.8 million francs – … Read more

News: Tragedy in Los Olivos: This was the capture of Ruth Bautista alias’ La

Updated 08/24/2020 at 2:54 PM FACES JUSTICE. Ruth Noemí Bautista Ayala spent the entire morning giving her demonstration in the Dirincri after being involved in the Los Olivos tragedy, than took the lives of 13 people in the middle of an operation against social gatherings due to the pandemic. According to Latina, the 29-year-old woman, … Read more