The Alameda Theater kicks off its February programming with a review of ‘Alicia’, Lewis Carroll’s classic

This has been highlighted by the City Council’s delegate for Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism, Antonio Muñoz, while adding that with this “attractive and varied proposal”, ICAS once again keeps alive the attention it has always paid to the little ones and their families. The February programming of the cycle starts this weekend with ‘Alicia’, … Read more

Latin Institute of Music presents in Cuba the animated “Tito reacts to Alicia Alonso”

The creation process was supervised by Pedro Simón, director of the National Museum of Dance. The episode of “Tito rea rea” will share the billboard in theaters with the feature film “Elcano y Magallanes”, nominated in 2019 for the Goya awards for best animated film. The Latin Institute of Music (ILM) announced on Tuesday the … Read more

Alicia Vega, the filmmaker who conducted film workshops for boys and girls from towns during the military dictatorship

Power outages, repression and fear, was the context where the teacher and researcher, Alicia Vega, began her film workshops for girls and boys from marginal sectors. A work that began in the dictatorship and continued for 30 years, with the purpose that cinema was not only a form of entertainment, but an opportunity for learning … Read more

Alicia Rueda’s fight against cancer

In 2017 at designer Alicia Rueda they detected breast cancer. Fully recovered, she tells what happened and how it happened in the book ‘Alicia Rueda. A life with and without wonders’, written by the journalist Itxaso Elorduy. The sales of the book, which has had the collaboration of the Bilbao City Council and the Biscay … Read more

Breast cancer: The breast cancer of the designer Alicia Rueda: “My husband did not let me fall”

The designer recounts “the pain” suffered during the recovery from breast cancer and the dedication of her partner: “He didn’t let me fall” During the treatment, Rubén Gorospe, her husband, cut Alicia Rueda’s hair. / Inma Fiuza LUIS GOMEZ Sunday, 13 December 2020, 01:15 The best thing to write about Alicia Rueda, the most relevant … Read more

Alicia Machado takes out her claws and attacks Melania Trump

The Venezuelan did not hesitate to classify the current first lady of the United States as “useless” When it comes to controversy, Alicia machado She is the queen and the model is not one of those who prefer to remain silent. Machado showed that he does not mince words to tell whoever he is thinking; … Read more

National Ballet of Cuba returns to the Great Theater of Havana Alicia Alonso | IFACCA

National Ballet of Cuba returns to the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso Ministry of Culture, Republic of Cuba, 24 November 2020, Cuba The National Ballet of Cuba, Cultural Heritage of the Nation, will return to the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso, on November 26, 27, 28 and 29 to offer an … Read more

Agricultural dichotomy in Mexico, subsistence or sustainable? / Alicia Salgado

On the occasion of Earth Day in mid-October, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) maintains that “mobile telephony is a factor with great potential for transmitting information on sustainable agriculture to producers and others. actors in the agricultural value chain, and offers the opportunity for producers to become data collectors at … Read more