Online merchant banking business adjustment: Gradually suspend Alipay cash withdrawal from April 21- E-commerce- Payment / Fintech

April 18 news, a few days ago,MYbank issued the “Announcement on Business Adjustment and Welfare Fund Upgrade Related to MYBank Class II Accounts”.The announcement said,From April 21, 2022, MYbank will gradually suspend the business related to Alipay cash withdrawal or transfer to MYBank Class II accounts.At the same time, the type II account of MYbank … Read more

The motivation behind the CCP’s new regulation on payment scanning attracts attention | WeChat | Alipay | Collection Code

[Epoch Times November 30, 2021]The CCP officially released barcodes recentlyTo payAccording to the regulatory notice, the bar code payment, which is frequently used by the general public, is also included in the supervision. Some analysts believe that the CCP withdraws part of the payment functions of these platforms in preparation for the implementation of RMB … Read more

Huawei Pay tests the waters of Alipay and WeChat usher in new rivals-Huawei Huawei

In March, Huawei acquired a payment license. Huawei said it hopes to provide consumers with richer digital life services through this acquisition. On October 4, Zhongzheng Jun learned that Huawei paid to test the waters. Under the new situation, Tencent WeChat Pay and Alipay have taken open steps. In the future, whether Huawei Pay is … Read more

The stock exchanges of today, 13 September 2021. Positive EU lists. Beijing’s new squeeze: Alipay will be dismembered

MILANO – Positive session for the European stock exchanges. Milano has been moving tonic since the morning, with the Ftse Mib confirming its rise by 0.93% at the end. There are no jolts on the galaxy General-Mediobanca, with the two stocks up (+ 1.26% for Leone and + 0.75% for PIazzetta Cuccia) after the tandem … Read more

The gaze of the Chinese government, which targets technology giants, has turned to Alipay Business

Alipay, which has over $ 1 billion in China and other Asian countries, including India. users were ordered to separate the lucrative micro-credit business, the British business daily The Financial Times reported on Monday, citing an informed source. The app currently allows its users to pay with a traditional payment card linked to their bank, … Read more