Rachland PD Says Gus Dur’s Tomb Was Built by the State, Alissa Wahid Is Infuriated

Suara.com – Coordinator of the Indonesian Gusdurian Network and daughter of the Fourth President of the Republic of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid alias Gus Dur, Alissa Wahid commented on the statement of the Democratic Party politician Rachland Nashidik. Previously, Rachland Nashidik was known to have mentioned the whereabouts tomb of Gus Dur when talking about polemics … Read more

Alissa Wahid Affirms that Abu Widow is not part of the NU axis

Jakarta, NU Online The figure of Permadi Arya is being discussed by the public because of his unsettling tweets. On every occasion, the man who has another name Abu Janda often wears the attribute of the Multipurpose Ansor Line (Banser) or even feels that he represents Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). According to the National Coordinator of … Read more