France Kills 4000 Pilgrims of Ottoman Mosque in Colonial Era

loading… Algeria – President Aljazair Abdelmadjid Tebboune unveils official accounts of the massacre by France of nearly 4,000 worshipers during the colonial era of 1830-1962. Worshipers were killed when they staged a sit-in inside an Ottoman mosque called Ketchaoua in an attempt to stop French attempts to turn it into a church. “France has colonized … Read more

Once Colonized, Algeria Demands Total Respect from France

loading… ALGIERS – President Aljazair Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Sunday (10/10/2021) demanded “total respect” from French . The demand was voiced following a dispute over visa restrictions and critical comments from Paris, which once occupied the North African country. Last weekend Algeria withdrew its ambassador from Paris and banned French military aircraft from its airspace. Previously, … Read more

Full Results of Thomas Cup 2020 – Leo/Daniel’s sweet debut completes Indonesia’s victory over the African champions

INDONESIAN BADMINTON Indonesian men’s doubles pair, Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Martin. BOLASPORT.COM – Men’s team Indonesia managed to pick a perfect result in their first match in Thomas Cup 2020. Indonesia successful in winning against Aljazair in the preliminary round of Group A Thomas Cup 2020 at Ceres Arena, Denmark, Sunday (10/10/2021). As expected, Indonesia managed … Read more

Diplomatic Tensions Get Hotter, Algeria Bans Its Airspace From Passing French Military Aircraft

French President Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Algeria has banned French military aircraft from passing through its airspace, in the latest response to a row over visas and scathing comments from French President Emmanuel Macron as reported by France24, Sunday (03/10/2021) (Source : Associated Press) PARIS, KOMPAS.TV – Diplomatic tensions between Algeria and France … Read more

Great, Algeria chases and surrounds Israeli submarines until they emerge to the surface

loading… Algeria – National Navy Aljazair detected the Israeli Dolphin submarine last week off the shores of Algerian international waters. The Israeli submarine was then pursued and surrounded by the Algerian Navy. “Algerian forces then pursued and forced him to rise to sea level before finally leaving the area,” said the MENADEFENSE report on Friday … Read more

Morocco Gets First Delivery of Turkey’s Combat Drones

loading… RABAT – Morocco took delivery of a Turkish combat drone earlier this month. The information was disclosed by Far-Maroc’s unofficial website dedicated to military news. The report was also released by several local media, including Alarabiya on Saturday (25/9/2021). The news comes as tensions have risen between Morocco and neighboring Algeria in recent weeks. … Read more

Algeria Cuts Diplomatic Relations with Morocco

loading… Algeria – Aljazair cut off diplomatic relations with Morocco , arguing that the hostile actions shown by its neighbor have strained relations between the two countries for decades. Speaking at a press conference in Algiers, Algerian Foreign Minister Ramdane Lamamra accused Morocco of using spyware Pegasus against its officials, supports separatist groups and fails … Read more

This Girl Died While Reading Qur’anic Verses About Death

loading… ALGIERS – A 14 year old girl in Aljazair died while reading verses from the Qur’an to his teacher at the Al Noor Mosque in Algiers. Her parents said her daughter, who suffered from a rare neurological disease, died in an honorable way. A teenage girl named Anfal Dassi was initially reading verses from … Read more