Burned bridges: prima donna Alla Pugacheva has left Russia forever

Alla Pugacheva. Photo: LETA 73-year-old Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva “burned bridges” and now, it seems, has left her homeland forever, the portal “starhit.ru” reports. Recently, she announced on social networks that she wants her name to be included in the list of Russian “foreign agents”, because she does not want to see Russia as … Read more

An image of Alla Pugacheva’s Israeli passport published in the press

The press release has made public The authenticity of Pugacheva’s passport picture and identity document has been confirmed for the publication by Israeli border guards and other experts. Every year, the singer spends time with her family in Israel, due to the war, they spent most of 2022 in Tel Aviv. The passport was issued … Read more

Giro al Sass and Half Marathon: on Saturday and Sunday viability in Trento, roads closed and no parking from via Maccani alla Clarina – Trento

TRENTO. If you want to get out of the city on Sunday, do it early: another day of passion for traffic arrives. Indeed: two. After the World Cycling Championships, in fact, on the occasion of Trento Running Festival several streets in the city center and surrounding areas are scheduled this weekend – from via Maccani … Read more

Famous singer publicly nasty Alla Pugacheva

The former soloist of the duet “Tea for Two” Stas Kostyushkin could not restrain his emotions in a conversation with Primadonna. According to the artist, that conversation had far-reaching consequences. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: 73-year-old singer Alla Pugacheva has always been known for her violent temper. The performer of the hit “Million Scarlet … Read more

Zelensky’s advisor Arestovyčius commented on Alla Pugačiva’s unexpected statement about the war: Putin has become a parody of a prima donna

Oleksijus Arestovyčius, adviser to the administration of the President of Ukraine, also spoke about Al Pugačiova, her role in Russia and her words about the war. Mark Feigin: Let’s talk about Alas Pugacheva. What kind of opinions do you have to hear? Some talk about it being a significant statement that hit the top ten … Read more

Alla Pugacheva, one of the most famous Russian pop singers, asked to be considered a “foreign agent” by the Russian government

Alla Pugacheva, one of the most famous Russian pop singers, he asked the authorities of the country to be considered a “foreign agent” as a gesture of solidarity with her husband, Maxim Galkin, a strong critic of the war in Ukraine. That of “foreign agent” is a formula that under Russian law indicates people or … Read more

Alla Pugacheva keeps Maxim Galkin on a leash like a dog, latest news, details, 2022 :: Showbiz :: Dni.ru

Some do not fit in their heads how Alla Pugacheva could leave her beloved husband in a foreign land. Secular gossip Lena Miro did not miss the opportunity to wash the bones of the star family. As transmits RIA FANthe comedian continues to give concerts over the hill, but for the blogger it is obvious … Read more

Alla Pugacheva’s will was revealed

Pop diva Alla Pugacheva has returned to Russia to sign her will, which was drawn up a long time ago. His content in a conversation with the online edition of “Komsomolska Pravda” KP.RU reveals a relative of the singer, whose name is not disclosed. According to the interlocutor of the publication, the suburban villa on … Read more

Sergey Sosedov urged to stop bullying in Alla Pugacheva’s network

The music critic decided to comment on Alla Borisovna’s return to Russia. Photo source: Yandex pictures Sergei Sosedov called for an end to the persecution of the Primadonna on the network, because her return is not something out of the ordinary – she was born in Russia, her family and home are here. The critic … Read more

Big changes in the lives of Alla Pugačiova and Maksim Galkina

According to media reports, the couple is already preparing documents to move permanently to the United States. The Telegram channel, citing Roman Chudiakov, a former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, reports: “Pugacheva and Galkin will move to the United States permanently. The Galkin family is already taking care of processing the … Read more