Valle Nevado announces bankruptcy reorganization to alleviate “perfect storm” | Economy

“We have made a difficult decision, but necessary, to start a bankruptcy reorganization process,” he said. Ricardo Margulis, general manager of Valle Nevado. As he said, “we are sure that it is the best business decision to be able to organize ourselves, continue operating and continue projecting Valle Nevado for many more years”. In detail, … Read more

My name is Estefanía and at the age of 33 I was diagnosed with breast cancer that has marked my life. When will the 33% automatic disability be granted to cancer patients and survivors to alleviate the economic and social consequences of this?

My name is Stephanie, I’m 46 and I’m from Madrid. At the age of 33 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I resort to this platform to claim that cancer sequelae don’t end when treatment ends. To compensate for the effects mainly economic and social that this reality supposes, I consider that cancer patients … Read more

President of Iran offers help to Turkey to alleviate the effects of the earthquake + Photos

Rohani expresses Iran’s willingness to grant aid to Turkey to alleviate the effects of the earthquake that has left dozens dead and hundreds injured. “On behalf of the Iranian people and Government, I offer the solidarity and condolences of Iran to the President of Turkey (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) and to the friendly and brotherly people … Read more

The Government will mobilize 306 million to alleviate the new restrictions

The Generalitat will allocate 306 million euros to a pack of helps to mitigate the impact of new restrictions. The Government explained yesterday that the aid will be destined to compensate the income losses of the companies of the affected sectors: the Commerce, the culture, he leisure, he sport and the hostelry, among others. The … Read more

Barcelona hotels test uses such as ‘housing’ or offices by the hour to alleviate the tourist gap

In the few hotels open in Barcelona Few customers have been seen for months, but even fewer suitcases. The reason is not only the temporary extinction of tourism due to covid-19, but also the undeniable reality that the hotels of 2020 are no longer mere accommodations for a short stay. People who use the rooms … Read more

“We were called to alleviate suffering”: The outbreak in the voice of the president of the Maipú Red Cross

This week, within the framework of the Social Outbreak Special, the Voces en Casa de La Voz de Maipú program received several guests who related, from different points of view, to the great social movement that shook Chile from 18 October 2019. One of the interviewees was Gladys López, president of the Red Cross Branch … Read more

Flights and cruises to nowhere, the alternative to try to alleviate the crisis

Deserted airports, planes occupying hangars The empty flights are some of the images left by the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of that, mobility limitations have affected many sectors of the economy, and one of the hardest hit has been aerial. So, many airlines are managing to generate income and perform alternative flights in times of coronavirus, … Read more

PSOE-A values ​​the “powerful” package of 50 government measures to alleviate the “damage” of the pandemic

SEVILLA, 31 (EUROPA PRESS) The spokesman of the Socialist Group in the Andalusian Parliament, José Fiscal, has valued the “powerful” package of 50 measures approved this Tuesday by the Government of Spain in the Council of Ministers to “alleviate the damage that the coronavirus pandemic can cause to the public “, and that includes aid … Read more

Venezuela: Maduro expands his powers with a law that seeks to attract private capital and alleviate sanctions | International

The National Constituent Assembly of Venezuela (ANC), totally controlled by Chavismo, approved on Thursday afternoon the so-called Anti-Blockade Law, a legal instrument designed to promote the entry of capital while evading international sanctions against the Government of Nicolás Maduro. The regulation, which seeks to endow the president and the Executive with even more powers over … Read more

Guillermo Teillier for El Bosque: Sebastián Piñera has all the powers and nothing prevents him from taking efficient measures today to alleviate the situation

Parliamentarians from the 13th district demanded from the President of the Republic, social actions aimed at the vulnerable population affected by the inefficient and “erratic” government measures during the pandemic. What happened in the El Bosque commune and in other sectors of the Metropolitan Region – they assured – is the response to the lack … Read more