“The two books of poetry were a challenge”

The Albacete writer Enrique Martínez de Barrax completes a new trilogy, Albacete in its culture and history of its peoples, with Barrax de Trilogía and its typical Toro de Fuego, El Sueno de Chulete and El cerdito Antón, these last two works, poetry and prose poetics. The author commented to La Tribuna de Albacete about … Read more

A musical jewel of the 19th century

At the age of 27, the cellist from Albacete Francisco Javier González Navarro continues a promising artistic career in the United Kingdom, a country where he carries out a master’s degree with the London Symphony Orchestra and which he combines with recitals in different concert halls in Great Britain, as well as in Our country, … Read more

Elche de la Sierra lives the storm in black and white

In Elche de la Sierra, the main problem is that it has not stopped snowing since yesterday, according to its mayor, Raquel Ruiz. It does not snow heavily, but except for a small respite that took place on Thursday afternoon, of a few hours, the snow does not stop and even today it has redoubled, … Read more

Nerpio inaugurates two 4G antennas with the storm on top

Nerpio already has two new 4G telephony antennas that will mean a substantial improvement in the quality of its telecommunications. By chance in life, these two antennas were inaugurated just at the most opportune moment, when the storm ‘Filomena’ began to show its teeth in the province and it was more necessary than ever to … Read more

“I was excited that AMAC asked me for the design”

V anesa García Gómez was in charge of designing the shirt for the 20th anniversary of AMAC, the Association of Women Affected by Breast and Gynecological Cancer of Albacete, which these days is available in the Imaginalia shopping center, in the AMAC booth, for any person who wants to support the association, since the pandemic … Read more

The best for Apple | News La Tribuna de Albacete

Apple has published the list of the Best of the App Store of 2020. In the category of games the first positions are for Genshin Impact (iPhone), Legends of Runeterra (iPad), Disco Elysium (Mac), Dandara Trials of Fear (Apple TV) y Sneaky Sasquatch (Arcade). .

“I would not venture that a new crisis is coming”

Luis Fernández-Bravo was born in Puertollano, is 48 years old, is married and has two children. He passed the opposition in the 2002 class and entered through Bermillo de Sayago (Zamora) from where he went to Castuera (Badajoz). He arrived in Castilla-La Mancha in 2008, where he served at the Bolaños de Calatrava and Miguelturra … Read more

«For me music is the day to day for everything»

Rafa Caballero is an artist on all four sides because he has an unusual creativity with instruments, which are his life. When he is not learning a new instrument that gives him even more agility than he has, he prepares new groups in his recording studio and makes sure that everything goes well and has … Read more

The Municipal Investment Plan will be made with four loans

The Albacete City Council has already decided with which financial entities it will sign the loans worth 14,371,558 euros with which it will materialize all the investments that were included in the 2020 Municipal Budgets, both those proposed by the Government team and those proposed by the municipal opposition groups. This is clear from the … Read more

«The articles in the book were worth rescuing»

The Albacete writer Eloy M. Cebrián publishes Murphy’s Law. Collected articles (1998-2020). The author commented to La Tribuna de Albacete about the singularities of this new work.How many volumes of Murphy’s Law does he collect?It is a selection of the four volumes of Murphy’s Law, which in turn, are a selection of published articles. I … Read more